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STING Back to Bass Tour Live in Manila 2012

STING Back to Bass Tour Concert in Manila, Philippines | December 9, 2012 – 8PM | SM MOA Arena | Ovation Productions

Bakit ngayon ko lang nalaman to?! I’m online most of the day and yet I missed this one. VIP tickets are already sold out! Not that I am willing to spend that amount of money but it only means this is MAJOR! Between me and my husband, Josh is the one who spends on concerts of artists he really likes.

I’m not really a concert goer because I don’t appreciate crowded places and I don’t like standing up when watching something. Tamad kasi. Except if tickets are free or we’re supporting friends. I don’t get excited over artists and musicians either coming to Manila but this is STING! Apparently, husband didn’t also know about his Manila concert so he got excited too. Naman!

Question now is: Anong bibilhin naming ticket? Continue reading STING Back to Bass Tour Live in Manila 2012