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Cool Baby Find: The Little Bugger

Having a son is a delight but it can be very exhausting. I didn’t expect Noah would be this active. More often than not, I’d give up playing only after five minutes or just turn him over to his daddy. Ang brusko lang talaga!

What I super enjoy though is shopping for him as proven here. That’s expected from a shopaholic mom, right? Believe it or not, I don’t really fuss much about his outfit. Minsan lang. Even if there are a lot of cool, fashionable clothes for toddler boys, I am keeping myself from dressing him up.

But when I do have a daughter someday, expect me to dress her up and treat her as my living doll. When I shop for Noah, I am always drawn to the little girls’ section. When I was pregnant, I almost bought matching dresses for the little baby and me as I thought we were having a girl.

So when I’m really tempted to buy girly stuff, I sometimes buy and give them to my nieces or my friends’ daughters. There are so many cute clothes and accessories online! I always imagine my future daughter wearing this or that and I’d go crazy window-shopping. Right now, I have a baby girl I can call “my own”– Ava, my sister’s new baby.  I can now shop for this baby girl without any guilt. Hehe.

My husband wants to have a baby girl too but not anytime soon. I think he’s not yet ready for a Mini Reah. He said he’s not ready to spend for two ladies. Hahaha!

One of my favorite online shops is “The Little Bugger“.  I know its owner, Shiela, from high school. She’s got her own pretty baby girl and she’s one trendy hot momma so her online boutique came so naturally. The store opened only March of this year but it has gained a lot of support from equally fashionable moms and celebrities too! TheLittleBugger is all over Instagram! I’m not surprised when mom celebrities I follow post photos of their daughters wearing stuff from The Little Bugger.

Here are just some of the local celebrities that featured The Little Bugger:

Paolo Contis’ daughter wearing The Little Bugger
The Little Bugger loot for Sherilyn Reyes Tan's daughter Eia
The Little Bugger loot for Sherilyn Reyes Tan’s daughter Eia
Sunshine Cruz and Cesar Montano’s youngest daughter loving her fluffy skirt from The Little Bugger

If I have a daughter, these would be my choices: Continue reading Cool Baby Find: The Little Bugger