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I always tell my friend Aileen that she is the Ultimate Geek’s Girlfriend. Why, this lady is an artist, web designer, graphic designer, photographer, and comic geek all rolled into one. She’s a businesswoman who’s the creative genius behind Big Ben Watches. Plus, she’s beautiful and has a body-to-die for.

She’s got a bookshelf full of comics and books. And when I say comics, hindi Archie Comics, Pugad Baboy, or Pupung ha. She reads Marvel, DC, and whatever real comics are read by the guys. (See, I don’t really know the stuff she reads.) Oftentimes when we talk about comics, movies, and literature, I get lost. She mentions some character in a book or movie, and I have no idea that I have to ask my husband. Haha! So I’m not a wide-reader as I claim to be. Meanwhile, my husband whom I think is a nerd knows what she’s talking about.

Ying is into guy stuff too! Sabi ko nga sa inyo ultimate girlfriend talaga. She’s a gamer. She also watches UFC. Naman! I can’t relate. Whenever she comes to our house, she and Josh would end up talking about what’s on TV, sports, or movies. Hindi ko alam ang pinag-uusapan niyo, let’s talk about girly stuff na lang. Hihi.

She’s unpredictable. Actually, that’s what I love most about her. I didn’t expect we’d be close. I could still remember the first time I saw her. I was at the lobby of our previous office in Greenhills…scared for it’s going to be my first real job. This tall lady, all dressed up and made up suddenly entered. I said to myself, “Naah, she’s too kikay for me. Baka maarte.” And then I found out she graduated from an all-girls college. “Naku hindi talaga, she’s like let’s make tusok-tusok the fishballs, you know.

Her pets Chewey and Riri

But then we became friends. I don’t know how and when but we clicked. Walang bahid ng kaartehan, mas maarte pa pala ako. Then I found out she has pets. Migulay, ayoko ng pets sa bahay. I like dogs but to really care for them…hindi ko ata kaya. She has a cat and a dog now. She’s giving Noah that kitten. She had hamsters before. Hamsters! Ayaw ko sa daga!!! Oo nga, ako ang maarte. I went to UP but I act like let’s make tusok-tusok the fishballs. 

I even invited her to join me in my new company when I left. I always admired her old website and so I thought she would be a great addition to the web team. True enough, she became our first female web designer. She codes by hand—notepad lang!

I love the fact that we’re almost the same height. Hihi. When we walk together, parang heaven lang kasi pareho kaming matangkad. Hahaha! I could borrow clothes from her and shoes too! Yun nga lang, the clothes are a bit too tight for me because she’s so slim. (Bakit ba, I’m a mother!)

She’s body conscious in a good way. I get kikay tips from her. She inspired me to get fit and healthy. I couldn’t understand before why and how she could eat tuna or steamed chicken all the time but now I understand because that’s our diet now. Hihi.

Aileen is such a strong woman. Her experiences in life have made her the woman that she is right now– strong and independent. She could be the poster child for Destiny’s Child song “Independent Women” because she is. She’s from a rich family in the south but after college, she started living on her own. If I were her, I would probably spend my parents’ money traveling and enjoying single life before I work or settle down. But this girl Aileen, is one humble person. I respect her for she has achieved so much on her own.

Click image for larger viewShe “retired” ahead of me. She decided to pursue her business of selling watches. These aren’t simple, plastic, toy watches– walang Swatch, fakes, or cheap ones. She sells vintage luxury watches and manages an international business. Her clients are from all over the world. I wish to share with you her business story but that’s gonna take me a lot of time. Sabihin na lang nating, she was able to buy a house, a lot, and a car just buy selling watches. The perfect example of a hobby-turned-into-business. She’s not really on her own because she has her beloved Andykins helping her. 🙂

A friend is always loyal,
and a brother sister is born to help in time of need. 
Proverbs 17:17

I have Aileen to thank for the house that we live in right now. It’s more than two years ago when I was desperately looking for a new apartment. I posted my ‘need’ on Facebook and she replied immediately and said there were two empty houses in their compound. To make the long story short, we became neighbors soon enough. As in 10-inch wall lang ang pagitan.

I love the fact that I have a neighbor friend, kikay girlfriend, and sister in one. She’s been a blessing to me and my family. I love it that she cares about the little details in my life. She knows me more than most of my girlfriends now. She’s been with me through the worst and has seen me my during my ugliest (read: wearing pambahay with no ligo, no makeup, etc.).

Click image for larger view

I don’t see her as much because she’s busy studying comic illustration. She dreams of becoming a comic book illustrator. I only got to understand the comic industry because of her. I thought one only needs to be good in drawing but it’s more than that.

Here was her first try on doing a Romance-themed comic page:

Click image for larger view
Joshua: I miss you!
Reah: I miss you too! I have a surprise for you.
Joshua: What’s this?
Reah: Credit card bill mo.
Joshua: Aatakihin ata ako sa puso!!!


Imbento ko lang ang dialogue. Hahaha! It’s currently my cover photo on Facebook. I just love it!

I hope she gets to  fulfill her dreams of becoming a comic book artist. I know she will. It’s just a matter of time. 🙂

Click image for larger view
Her version of Madonna and Child. She gave me a framed version for Noah’s dedication back in 2010.
Click image for larger view
Grace Kelly as commissioned by yours truly

Aileen Oracion’s Official Website:
Aileen O Fantasy Art:




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