That Hated Satchel

My husband Josh has no problems with me buying bags. He said he learned this from his dad: One thing you should know about women is that they can never have too many bags. Thank you very much, Dad! I was actually there when he said it.

He only bought me a bag once for my birthday 3 years ago but didn’t like it. I didn’t know the brand but it was expensive. Not LV or Prada expensive but the cost was something he wouldn’t usually spare on something that wasn’t really a necessity. Since then, he never bought me a bag and just let me buy whatever I want. He learned his lesson. I still have the bag though and I still use it. Maganda naman pala. :p

Oftentimes, I would thank him for his “surprise” and he’d always give me a puzzled look. I would show him my purchase and thank him. He already knows what that means. He never asks me how much but I always tell him. No secrets daw eh. (Eeeep!)

So thank God for this supportive and generous husband. But there was one bag of mine he hated…abhorred even: a Cambridge Satchel. Yes, that must-have genuine leather satchel that has been popular and is now highly replicated — my husband so hated.

I bought the 13-inch dark brown version but I had to give it up after a month. Josh hated the smell. It wasn’t really bad. In fact, I am one of those people who love smelling genuine leather bags. The Cambridge Satchel was no different. I loved it and its smell. But…but my husband didn’t.

I remember the first time I used it. We were inside the car and he was complaining of a foul smell. We thought one of us stepped on something but I couldn’t smell anything. He only discovered the smell when he passed by the bag that’s been hanging on the wall. That was it.

Ito pala yung mabaho eh parang pupu!“, he exclaimed.

Huwaaat? Hindi no. Ang sarap kaya ng amoy real leather!”, I snapped.

“Ayoko ng amoy. Basta.”

My dear husband didn’t like my current favorite! Ouch! He said it looked classic and looked like something I would use forever but not just the smell. I was heart-broken. I was even thinking of buying a smaller version so I could pass on to my future daughter. I also thought of using it as a laptop bag but an 11-inch MacBook Air wouldn’t fit inside.

I never used it again when we’re together. Only used it a few times.

I had to decide. I did. So I sold it again online and for a higher price too. Ha!

When I told him I sold it and I even earned, he looked very happy and said, “Good job.

Deep inside I was telling myself, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” (LOL!)

I love my husband so much that sometimes I have to let go of the things that make him uncomfortable even if I like them. And then I realized it’s no longer ‘Love for Fashion’ but ‘Love Over Fashion’. Naks baduy.

The photo was post processed so the bag appeared black here. And I was 20 lbs. heavier here. 😀

And that’s the story of the hated satchel.

PS: I still want a yellow or purple Cambridge Satchel. 😀

PPS: I showed this post to my husband and he again said, “Ang baho talaga ng bag na yan. Parang pupu ng pusa.” LOL!

9 thoughts on “That Hated Satchel

  1. Compromise is always important to make any relationship work…although I wonder why he doesn’t like the smell of leather? I agree – it’s a lovely, earthy scent!

  2. I saw the picture of the bag and was imagining it in brown. We teachers also love bags and inside the faculty room we will even show and tell which bag has the most number of compartments! My bag which I got from Sagada weaving (which smells good) is like a black hole.

    Honestly I like the design of your bag and if given the chance I think I would like to have one but if it smells like chicken droppings I’d rather stick to my woven bags. 🙂

  3. Awww, I’m sorry your husband hated something you liked. And kudos to you for giving up your prized possession to keep the peace! 🙂

    I’m someone who loves leather products too, and I like the smell. But if you like, maybe next time you could try a leather conditioner or leather shampoo to change the smell.

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