The Bible Legofied

Planning a birthday party for Noah led me to a website that featured The Last Supper with Lego Minifig characters. I started saving the photos because I didn’t want to forget about them. I was so amazed at the details. I had no idea then that The Last Supper was only one of the many Bible stories illustrated with the famous LEGO bricks.

I was trying to search for something Lego and the Bible and got the surprise of my life to see that a Lego enthusiast named Brendan Powell Smith came up with The Brick Bible series. The Brick Bible for Kids – Bible pictures books for the young LEGO fan.

Noah’s Ark | The Brick Bible by Brendan Powell Smith
The Christmas Story The Brick Bible by Brendan Powell Smith
The Christmas Story | The Brick Bible by Brendan Powell Smith

And these two LEGO books – The Brick Bible New Testament and The Brick Bible Old Testament.

The Brick Bible Old Testament
The Brick Bible Old Testament


The Brick Bible New Testament
The Brick Bible New Testament

Honestly, I wanted to cry, shout for joy, when I discovered these LEGO books. My son Noah is in a Lego phase so mommy is getting crazy too.  And what a special coincidence that I’m planning a LEGO party and then these new books were about to be released this October-November.

I wasn’t expecting to see the Noah’s Ark Brick Bible here in the Philippines this early but I saw one at Hobbes and Landes in Greenbelt 5. Josh couldn’t understand my excitement so I explained to him why. I was contemplating on getting one but I thought it would be cheaper if I buy from Amazon.

And so I did.

I bought 3 LEGO books published by SkyHorse Publishing: Noah’s Ark Brick Bible, The Brick Bible New Testament, and The Brick Bible Old Testament.

I don’t have the books with me yet.  I had the package sent to someone in the US who’s arriving tomorrow— Friday! One more day before I get my hands on these books. Yey!

This is the first time I bought items directly from Amazon. I’m impressed with the shopping experienced from searching to buying and customer service. I’m excited!

Here is a trailer of the new LEGO Books:

Brendan notes on his website that “Items sold on this site are not official LEGO products, and are not authorized, sponsored, or endorsed by The LEGO Group.”

These are not licensed by LEGO but I’m sure Ole Kirk Christiansen won’t mind. I will show you the books soon. 🙂

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“And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times, you may abound in every good work. ”
2 Corinthians 9:8

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    1. galing diba! i found it so moving…i’ll share photos soon. i will buy another set because i decided to give it to my nephew in thailand. 🙂

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