Thursday, October 23

I’m not sure why I’m doing these things. All I know is it’s because of love. But how come some people just don’t appreciate you? I’m beginning to hate the situation I’m in now. Alright, this is nothing compared to what the others have been through. I know this is so much simple.

But a lot has been going on my mind right now. A lot has been hurting me. I should be happy. Okay, I am. I have joy within my heart but really, there are times that I am distressed because of the people around me. I’ve always been the girl who speaks her mind ….voices what’s within her..and because of this attitude of mine, I’ve hurt some people. And so I changed (or so it seems). I try very hard. But that’s just not me.

Scream!!! That solely is what I think I need to do….perhaps for now. I’m tired of keeping things to myself. I just need to breathe. I have to shout it out aloud!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!! That’s it…scream Reah…screeeeam like there’s no tomorrow. Scream and shout! (figuratively…I’m screaming online)

Hooooooo! What the?! Now what girl!?!?

I think I’m okay now.

But then again, there’s always the tonight ,the tomorrow, the next week…the forever(?)…I hope not. I just hope NOT.

Do I want to escape from it?? Not really. I’d like to take this as a an opportunity to praise God. How come you may ask??And why?? I still believe that my Father wont give me challenges beyond what I can bear.

He placed me in this situation. I think I just need to learn to surrender things to God. I only have two hands and I know they’re not enough. God’s big and mighty hands, however, can.

Yes. I can carry this burden. I know. Because first of all, I am held by GRACE. Because most of all, He ran with me in the RACE.

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