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It’s only ten days before our little family vacation for the year. The three of us, husband, toddler, and I are going to Bangkok, Thailand to visit my mom, sister, and her family. I went on a quick trip to Bangkok last May for her baby shower. We weren’t planning on going out of the country this year but Tiger Airlines had a promo. And of course, I cannot wait to see the new baby! I can’t wait for January so we’ll fly earlier next week plus it’s gonna by my boys’ birthday week too.

It will be my sixth time to go to Bangkok but I always get excited each time. Every trip is special. This time, I’d have my little family with me for the second time. The last time all three of us went there was in 2010 together with my side of family: daddy, mommy, Josh, Noah, my brother Enoch, and his girlfriend Rachel. The next year, Noah and I stayed with them for a week while Josh went to Las Vegas for a conference.

So I’ve been going each year since The Visca’s (Ate, Kuya Chad, and Nav) moved there. Thank God for budget airfares. For our upcoming trip, I only want to spend more time with the little girl Ava. I will still be working though. I’m also excited for Noah and Nav to meet again and finally have a “real play”. Although I have a feeling Nav would get exhausted and give up easily on Noah. Hahaha! He already said he’d pretend. Hihi. My little nephew is growing up. Sigh.

I’m excited to see my mommy too! It’s been four months she left and I miss her so much. I had the hardest time letting her go because she meant a lot to me, Joshua, and Noah. She’s my best friend. Even Joshua misses her. Everybody misses her. I know I would cry so hard when I finally see her again. (Drama!)

We’ll stay at home most of the time but of course, I won’t let this trip pass without going to the malls. No “touristy” spots in our itinerary for now because my niece is still small.

I told Ate we’d only check out the new mall Mega Bangna. I’ve been there already during its opening weekend but I like to bring Joshua and Noah. I want to go to Ikea again and buy a new lamp and fabric this time. Fabric because I plan to start a new project.

My nephew Nav and I.

Maybe I’ll go ice skating with Nav again. We did the last time I was there. I went on ice again after eight years! Scary! Funny! Embarrassing! :p

Sub Zero Ice Skating at Mega Bangna
Sub Zero Ice Skating at Mega Bangna

I also plan on spending more time at the pool. I know my soon-to-be 3 year old will enjoy and have a grand time at the pool. Daddy Josh will be on leave so he’ll be relaxed too. As for me, I just want to play with the baby girl. And yeah, eat Chubby Chef’s Pad Thai, go to that chicken place along their road at Ekkamai, get a massage (authentic!), go to the new Central World and check out Cath Kidston. Yey! Finally, a real Cath Kidston retail store. I only buy Cath Kidston stuff online but next week, I’d finally go inside a real store.

I’m super excited! 😀

 “A happy family is but an earlier heaven.”  – George Bernard Shaw

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  1. I haven’t been to Bangkok but was in transit several times in their airport. I should really plan to stopover in Bangkok that time. Looks like you had a lot of fun.

  2. I’ve been dreaming to go to Bangkok also, hope by next year we will be able to travel there. Like you I also love shopping, and I had news about Bangkok being the shopping destination in Asia.

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