Tuesday, April 26

The unfornate subjects of my first attempt in using Image Ready. Notice the uncanny resemblance. Spooky eh? Hehe. Make that more amazing. God is so wise to have made this happen. You’d be more suprised if you get to see my sister’s pics and compare them with Nav’s. But what’s weirder is that when you see the father’s baby pics, you’d think that that the kid and dad are one. Amazing. Weird. But cute. Haha!  

mommy renz and baby nav


Stripe is sick. I don’t know why. His fever got worse and he’s been vomiting and with chest pains.  It’s just so sad that I can’t visit him. I told him to see the doctor already but he won’t budge. But what’s cute is when he told told me saying, “Tom gagaling na ko. Tapos date na tyo.” Eew. Corny. But that simple text made me smile. I’ll come visit him if he isn’t okay by tomorrow. Pls pray for him.


Can somebody tell me where  I can buy top-quality t-shirts and where can I have them printed? It’s for a business Ying and I are planning to start. Help! We need money so we can buy her Pink Cadillac and my Yellow Lotus Elise. Wehehe.

But kidding aside, we really need quality t-shirts and printing. Pls email me at reahmb@gmail.com.

Here are our Dream Cars:


Note: Ying photoshopped the Pink Cadillac and placed herself inside. Teehee!

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