Tuesday, October 14

And they profess they’re God-send!!Foul!!! What they did was just foul. I hate it when I hear of “angels” doing things that are completely horrible. They’ve become monsters ready to eat other “angels”. Why are they like that? This brings me to tears. Is it really possible that “angels” can do and say those kinds of things? Stumbling. I am deeply troubled. I know I myself am imperfect. But enough…I’ve had enough of them. They’re suddenly turning into “devils” unknowingly…without a heart..without a doubt. Would the “little angels” become like them “old and wicked angels”? I really hope not. The world would become what?? A place of hungry and corrupt inhabitants .Angels and devils alike. I wouldn’t want that to happen. No . Never. Please God. It is my dream to live in paradise. But I know it’s far from impossible. Now that the end is near. Surely atrocities and pain are here to stay. I face the reality with my head up high but with tears flowing if they wouldn’t change. I am disheartened. I’d like to make them realize that they’re just awful. So appalling.

mode | indifferent

music | nasaan – nyoy volante

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