We’re adopting a kitten!

I received a call from my friend and neighbor Ying this afternoon saying Andy picked up a poor kitten and asked if we wanted to take it. I was having second thoughts because that meant another responsibility. I’ve been wanting to get another fish or a pair of love birds for Noah but I keep procrastinating.

I asked Josh and he just looked at me but then I still agreed to adopting the kitten. Eeep! I know Noah will love the kitten because he’s very friendly with the stray cats my brother feeds from time to time. Husband finally said okay but that I’d have to do the cleaning myself. Okay. Fine.

Actually, I’ve been thinking of getting one too the past few weeks but I haven’t told Josh yet. A cat is smaller and is easier to take care of than a dog, right? Josh said we’d get a black Labrador when Noah is a bit older, not just now. I once mentioned if we could adopt Ivanna, the yellow Labrador, because Noah likes him so much and I like Ivanna too. This yellow lab was my companion when I would run around the village early in the morning or in the evening.  It was dear to me..she still is but I had to let go of playing with her when I learned I was pregnant.

Here is Noah and Ivanna:

I wanted to get a white Persian cat like Snowbell in the movie Stuart Little. Noah loves the movie but I really can’t accept the fact that the lead is a mouse—a mouse! But I find Snowbell cute and name suits it perfectly.

I had a white cat before which I named “Kim”. It was my first pet. My very own. Sadly, she went missing one day. I never found out what happened to her. She looked like this:

In two weeks, we’ll be taking home the kitten. Noah and I visited the kitten and he loved it! The little kitten still looked thin but my friend will be taking care of it for two weeks before Noah could bring it home. My son still has no idea that the kitten is his but I know he’s already in love with it. He kept on squishing, touching, and putting it back to its small basket. When we were about to leave, he picked up the kitten and put it inside the cage. I couldn’t understand what he was saying because he still speaks gibberish but he seemed to be telling the kitty to eat and stop whatever it is planning to do. Why, the little pet was trying to get out of the cage. Noah actually said “TOPS” — that’s how he says ‘stop’. Hehe.

I am excited for Noah but I dread the cleaning part. Hopefully, we’d train the cat to be well-behaved. I have no idea how but I have to start searching. Of course, I’d love to hear from cat owners too. Ying has RiRi, this gorgeous gray stray cat, so I have her to teach us.

I wasn’t able to take a picture of the kitten but it looks like this:

We can’t figure out if it’s male or female but it doesn’t matter. We’re still thinking of a name but I want Noah to give it a name. The cat at my parents’ house– he calls Catty but I don’t want that. Hahaha! We’ll see… 😀

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