What was Chuck Bass’ bag?

The black leather luggage filled with money Chuck Bass dropped on the floor was a Longchamp CAVALIER Serviette.

I just finished watching Gossip Girl Season 6 Episode 3 and instead of raving over what Blair and Serena were wearing or the clothes that were modeled on the runway, I was curious about the bag filled with cash that Chuck Bass left on the gym floor in the scene where he was probing Bart Bass’ former bodyguard.

I easily spotted it to be a Longchamp so I tried searching what kind is it.  At first I thought it was a Longchamp Boxford Travel Bag or a Longchamp Surf but it’s not. I took a screen shot of the scene and realized it’s leather. I couldn’t find it on Longchamp’s official website but with my stalking skills search powers, I found out it’s a CAVALIER Serviette (Reference : 1799189). Gotcha!

I’m interested because my husband Josh is flying again somewhere this coming February and I’m thinking of updating “his hand-carry”.  It’s gonna be “his”. You know what that means. Hehehe.

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