67 questions

have nothing to do so i’ll just post this…part 1 of the 67 questions i stole from kuya glenn’s blog..

1. What did you want to be when you grow up? A NURSE 2. What is your favorite childhood memory? EATING AT A NEIGHBORHOOD CARINDERIA WITH MY ATE EVERY SATURDAY MORNING THEN USING THE EXTRA MONEY TO BUY PINGGA-PINGGANAN’S , GO STRAIGHT TO OUR PARENTS’ ROOM, LOCK IT, THEN PLAY INSIDE…3. How did you find out about Santa Claus? I DON’T REMEMBER 4. What was the first movie that made you cry? LITTLE MERMAID
5. If you were to become stupidly rich, what one eccentricity would you indulge? PAINT THE WHOLE TOWN RED…NO, I’LL RENOVATE EVERY HOUSE IN OUR STREET.. 6. What is your favorite place? UNDER THE STAIRS BECAUSE THAT’S WHERE THE COMPUTER IS…OOOOH..I’M AN ADDICT.. 7. How did you first learn about how babies are made? FROM MY GRADE SIX CLASSMATE..I THOUGHT THEY WERE MADE BY KISSING ..HAHA! 8. When was your heart first broken? NOT REALLY HEART BROKEN..SELOS LANG..WHEN I WAS 12..HAHA! WAIT..I WOULDN’T WANT MY HEART TO BE BROKEN SO PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THIS.. 9. What was your childhood comfort food? MILO BARS 10. If you could be a groupie for any band/musician, who would it be and why? MMMM…ICS BAND PWEDE NA..HEHE…TSAKA BROKEN…TSAKA HOURGLASS…HEHEHE…ATSAKA LABINGTATLONG KARAYOM KUNG PWEDE…NYE! NOOOOO! 11. If you were asked to model, how and where would you want to pose? PA-CUTE LANG..ANYWHERE..HEHE..I’VE BEEN ASKED TO MODEL ACTUALLY..SEXY DAW ALA FHM OR PULP..NAKAKATAWA DIBA!? HAHA!!12. If you were to commit a book to memory, what would it be? HOPE FOR THE FLOWERS 13. If there was one ulam left in the world, what would it be? FRENCH FRIES!!!PWEDE NAMANG ULAM YUN DBA? 14. If you were on a desert island, what is the 1 book/person/CD/practical item you would bring with you? BOOK:DEFINITELY THE BIBLE PERSON:HIM CD: PRACTICAL ITEM:AN EMPTY BOTTLE, NOTEBOOK, AND A PEN…ONE LANG PALA..MMM…TISSUE PWEDE NA..HEHE..
15. What is the soundtrack of your life right now? JACI VELASQUEZ’S UNSPOKEN CD…I SWEAR..PAREHO KAMI NG MGA HINAING SA LIFE 16. If you were to commission a band/musician to compose the soundtrack of your life, who would you get? THE ICS BAND!!! SERYOSO…UUUUY! BALIB TALAGA KO SA MGA TO..17. Have you seen anything so beautiful you wanted to cry? What was it? I’VE EXPERIENCED SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL IT MADE ME CRY…AND JUST LAST MONTH…WHEN I FIRST SAW MY BABY JULIANA AND NAV..(EENGK! PINSAN KO HINDI ANAK) 18. What is your favorite word? SHUCKS! 19. What do you wish someone would invent? WALLET NA DI NAUUBUSAN NG PERA…HAHA! 20. Who would play you in the movie of your life? NICOLE KIDMAN 21. Who would be your leading man/lady? SI JERICHO….YEEEEEEH! 22. What is your fantasy fashion item? PHILIPPS FIZZ…WAHAHAHAHA!!SERIOUSLY..THAT SONY NOTEBOOK COMPUTER NA MAY DIGI CAM WORTH 4,000 DOLLARS…ASTIG TLG!!GRABE! 23. What song do you wish you wrote? HAPPY BIRTHDAY..SERYOSO..ASTIG DIBA?SIKAT! 24. What song do you want to learn all the lyrics to? POWER OF 2..ANG HABA EH! 25. What do you do when you are mad at a friend? GOSSIP …BAD! 26. What was your favorite panalo moment? ADDRESSING MY VALEDICTORY ADDRESS..(REDUNDANT TO AH!) 27. What panalo moment do you want to have? SAYING “I DO” TO THE MAN GOD WOULD GIVE ME….HIHIHI! 28. What is on your wall? LOUIS VUITTON WITH JLO POSING, STEPHEN SPEAKS AND STEPS(YAAAK!BADUY!) POSTERS, PICTURES..CALENDAR..COBWEBS..MY POEMS…PANTS,BELTS,ETC AND ETC..29. What is your favorite picture of yourself? GRAD PIC KO..YUNG LABAS YUNG BRASO..HAHA! 30. What’s the most illegal thing you’ve done in school? MMM..HID MY CLASSMATE IN THE STUDENT COUNCIL’S OFFICE WHEN THE WHOLE FACULTY WAS LOOKING FOR HER…TSKTSKTSK..BAD..SECRETARY AKO NG COUNCIL NUN…ASUS! 31. What would your last meal on earth be? FRENCH FRIES!!!NEED I EXPLAIN?? 32. What is your favorite movie scene? HMMM…DAMI..PARANG WALA..HEHE..
33. What is your favorite indulgence? FRENCH FRIES TLAGA!!SENSYA NA .. 34. What is the best way to snap you out of a bad mood? SHOPPING MASAYA NA KO..TSAKA TULOG.. AND IYAK.

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