A Broken Promise

Remember my Promise to Hate post? You guessed it right? I broke it. A week after I wrote that post, I entered Mango at PPlant. Why and how? I was only supposed to buy grocery but my eyes grew bigger (literally) when I saw that BIG red SALE sign. I went inside, looked around, grabbed a blouse, and did not buy. Haha. There were too many girls at the counter..too eager to bring home their goods. Besides, it’s nearing closing time so I just went on to the supermarket. But lo and behold, last Sunday, I did not pass up the chance to visit Mango at Shang. I was with Joshie so I did not look around much, just bought a blouse. And when I went to Shangrila again to have Digory(the MacBook) checked, I got depressed that the store had to pull it/him out and take him to the “hospital”. I was depressed that I had to go shopping again! Haha. What a very nice excuse. And I was mad at Joshie…double depression. So what’s a girl’s perfect cure for depression? Shopping! I did not spend “much”. I just bought a new pair of flats,a dress which I’m gonna wear for my birthday, 4 new tops, and a new pair of slim-fit jeans. But when I told boyfriend, he again pleaded me to just stop and save. But I told him I was depressed and it’s gonna be my birthday in 2 weeks, sale naman, and etc. Haha! And just when I thought that my shopping spree was over, I went inside Zara and braved the bevy of women diving into a sea of overpriced clothes and shoes. I bought just one item..a dress which I so luuuurv. Buti na lang it’s payday so I was able to buy it. Haha. And of course, Joshie got a little disappointed again..but smiled when he saw the dress on me. Teehee.

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