Scratch and Drop That iPhone!

Not more than 24 hours after Apple made iPhone available to public, Eric Butterfield of PCWorld has already scratch and dropped his much-drooled over iPhone. I wanted to strangle him for doing that but at the end of the video, I fell inlove with the new “apple” of every Apple-lover’s eyes.

Eric shook the iPhone together with the keys in ziplock more than 40 times…

…scratched the screen with keys…

…dropped the iPhone on the carpet..

….on the kitchen floor…

…Egad! Even dropped it on the cement!

But to no avail…the darn phone is still working! Hooray! Iphone passed the Stress Test! No scratches on the screen…just on the metal edge….

I knowthat to have and be able to use one is really far from impossible but I love everything Apple. For now, I can only drool and dream. Right. Drool and dream. Rumor has it that such will never work in the Philippines and damn right it won’t. Unless old Steve Jobs think ala Optimus Prime that us humans deserve to live. I am in the Philippines. I am human. I deserve to live. I deserve to own an iPhone even if an iPhone doesn’t deserve me for an owner. :p

PS : I already have a name for my future iPhone :Caspian. As in Prince Caspian of the Narnia series. Teehee.

Tomorrow, the movie that moved me to tears : TRANSFORMERS

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