Too Many Random Things

I’m just gonna blab here so pardon the paragraphs’ incoherence. 😀

I can’t believe it’s only 11:22 pm and am ready for bed. I decided to blog for awhile since I don’t think I can do this for the next few weeks.

My 3-yr old girl cousin is finally going to school. I am so excited!!! Just like a true mommy, I am anxious that she’ll be starting school on Monday. You see, eversince I “retired” from being a corporate slave, I’ve been playing mommy to my 2 cousins while their mom(my aunt) is working. The 7-yr old kuya already started school so the baby girl is left with us. Anyways, after much thought and debate with my mom, I finally decided to enrol Julliana at a nearby school. She’d always tell me she’s going to school and took her eagerness as a sign. I’ve been wanting to enrol her but my mom would ask me if I’m up to the challenge of waking up earlier than usual to prepare her for school, bring and pick her up, etc. I said yes but actually thought about that for awhile. I just knew I had all the time in the world and that I love taking care of her. She’s just adorable and I knew that what I’d do is an investment. Besides, school for now would just became another play. My aunt told me to enrol her if I can and then our uncle would buy her uniform, school stuff, and baon for the whole school year. As for the hatid-sundo part, our other cousin would bring Juju on her way to pick up our nephew. We’ve got so many kids in the family you know. That our family would really have to help one another. Hehe. So yesterday, we went to the school. Obviously, the parents there thought I was the mother. Gosh! I guess as early as now, I’d have to face the fact that a lot of people would think I’m the mother because she could pass as my daughter. Haha. I filled up the registration forms and wrote my name as the guardian. Gosh again! Am I really up for this kind of responsibility? Joshie encouraged me. He said he’d support me and prefers that Juju goes to school than spend the whole day eating and playing. Hehe. So on Monday, she’s off to being a student. I pray that I’ll always have the strength and patience. And oh, I’m gonna take pictures and blog about that momentous event. Stay tuned 😀

N days after I posted my 24th Birthday Wishlist post, Joshie still has no clue what I want for my birthday. He told me this afternoon that he just knows I want a new watch but I said nah..not on top of my list. I am still not telling him. And guys, don’t tell him anything what I want because I want him to think about it himself. For once! Hahaha!

My “freelance” job is slowly picking up! I just have to do good and be more conscientious. After all, this is what’s feeding me and my family. I have mixed feelings whenever people ask me where I am now, what’s my work, where’s my office, etc. I just tell them I’m doing freelance. I’ve also been looking for other freelance stuff and I got another one! I haven’t started though. And nothing’s final yet but we’re getting there. I honestly don’t think if I can do it and for how long. I’m gonna give it a try for now. I’m not telling yet. After I get paid na lang. Promise. 😀

Is it just my wordpress or the whole wordpress community…that I can’t post a single entry on my website? I have not even tweaked the design and incorporated my old database and now this. Boohoo.

I burn. I burn whatever I cook. I burn the clothes I iron. I know in my heart I was born to be a homemaker but I just can’t cook and iron clotes properly. I prefer cleaning the bathroom than those 2 chores. Heck, my brother knows how to fry fried chicken better than I am. He’s got only 2 polos for school…and I burned the other one. He’s left with only one…so that means I’d have to wash and iron it everyday! I know I can’t so I just told him to buy 3 new sets so I won’t have to care for his uniform everyday. Haha. Sorry, we don’t have any maid since there’s only me, my brother, and my lola..and the kid of course. I am home so I am the household’s current mayordama. I clean the house, wash the dishes, and do the laundry. Believe it or not, I love doing the latter. 😀

I’ve been talking to my God a lot lately..and been reading His Word more. I am happy for this newfound thirst for the Truth. Seriously!

Yun lang muna…gotta sleep for tomorrow is a Sunday…err..that’s today. Ciao!

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