Extreme Mushiness Ahead

I was browsing through my old blog an found this supah-mushy entry. So shoot me.

WARNING: Extreme Mushiness Ahead
DATE WRITTEN : January 8, 2006
ORIGINAL LOCATION : http://www.blueberry010.motime.com/?from=7

This day last year, two hearts became officially one. Not in marriage but in a spoken and written commitment that they will forever love one another under the influence of their Matchmaker.

The girl went to the guy’s university and surprised him. The guy, still a student, had no idea what the girl he loves was doing there. She told him she went to her alma mater to get some stuff so she decided to drop by his.

And so they went to the parking lot because the guy was so hungry and wanted to have lunch right away. But the girl stopped her love from turning the car keys, handed him the card she wrote the other night, prayed, and cried over.

Her heart was beating so hard she could have fainted. She was wearing a yellow top that day…deliberately..because she insists she is the Yellow character in Trina Paulus’ story and her beloved, Stripe.

The guy opened the card and read it slowly…heart also beating fast. He almost cried when he finally saw the words, “And now, you can finally tell the world..that your bestfriend is now your girlfriend.” He looked up and saw her showing something that says ‘yes’. He couldn’t believe what he just heard. The guy kept on asking the girl but the girl was just smiling….almost crying. They held hands and promised love for each other.

They went off to have their lunch in some restaurant. They prayed to God and thanked Him for what He’s doing and still going to do. They’ve known each other since they were kids, been bestfriends for years, and now official and can publicly say that, ‘yes, there is Josh and Reah.”

One year later,  a lot has happened already. They’ve hurt each other many times, a handful of breaking-up threats, dozens of movie dates, thousands spent, shed buckets of tears, and more…but still, their undying love for each other just grows into His glory everyday.

Josh and Reah may never be the perfect couple in this lifetime but they are striving to become righteous because of their love for the Father, their families, friends, and their future. They believe that indeed, True Love Waits. That as they possibly took things in stride before there became a ‘they’…Yellow and Stripe will also wait in God’s perfect timing before they become one…and two separate beautiful butterflies…flying high under the heavens.

—> Yuck! Please forgive me. Haha.

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