Angry Birds: Level 25

She knew about this but had no idea about ‘the works’. Even my brother didn’t expect I’d do it this way. i guess it’s when you really love someone that you’d take time to get to know what will make her happy.

A simple tweet that she wanted an ‘Angry Birds Cake’ for her birthday gave me an idea. She’s turning a quarter of a century old anyway so why not make this a bit special. Plus she’s part of our family.

I bought the cupcakes from my trusty old cake supplier Kate Peralta of CreamPuffs by Kate and picked them up at Trinoma that day. I prepared some Angry Birds pens and erasers as souvenirs and prepared the Angry Birds balloon cutouts the night before. As for the balloons, I give credit to my husband for inflating them.

Happy Birthday Sister! We ♥ you. 🙂



PS: The party was also a tribute to the popular Angry Birds as Noah’s real ancestors. As you know, he speaks exactly like them right now. LOL!

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