Ready for school, Noah?

I’ve been meaning to buy my baby a small backpack with wheels to work as a luggage. I want to teach him how to haul one because I can see the three of us traveling a lot in the future. Haha! And since he’s getting bigger and heavier each day, I’ve been having a hard time carrying him, his stuff, and my bag whenever we’d go out without the daddy.

More often than not, Noah wouldn’t walk and would always like to be carried. I though maybe this mini-luggage would get him to walk and bring his own bag. Apparently, my plan failed. He did enjoy at first but he still chose to be carried. He made sure though that mommy would also carry his bag. Sigh….:/

Photo was taken during our church’s Father’s Day celebration. He looked like a little boy getting ready for school. His outfit was even perfect for school! Parang uniform lang. 😀

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