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I’ve been meaning to buy a pair from Anthology Shoes but I found them a bit pricey. P3,000+ for a pair is too much but they use real leather so I guess it’s worth the price.

Just recently, the shoe brand relaunched its website The site now offers online shopping.

anthologyshoes new website.jpg

I registered right away and “window-shopped”. I’m not sure if the Size 9 Verona would fit me so I tried a pair first at The Ramp Crossings over the weekend. I know size could be different but I finally ordered a pair this afternoon.

Green Verona by Anthology

Price is marked down to P895. I don’t have a green pair yet so I thought this would be nice. What I like about this is that material is genuine snake skin. You know I’m a sucker for real leather so this is a winner for me.

I can’t wait to use the shoes and see for myself the much-talked about cushioned leather insole and Anthology rubber sole.

Site says delivery is within 4 to 7 days (tagal!) but I’m willing to wait. Ordering was a breeze as I paid via PayPal but I don’t like that shipping fee is P150. That’s expensive since courier is Xend but Anthology said the shoes will be coming from Rizal which is considered a province. I thought of buying a few more pairs on Sale but PHP 150 per item delivery charge is required. I wish they would allow pick-up from their outlets soon. 🙂

The Verona won’t be my first and only pair from Anthology. I find the Melbourne, Mayfair, and Everyday Anthology very pretty and practical. Maybe next month. It’s shoe shopping season for me. I just bought 3 pairs last month and haven’t even used them yet. Hinay-hinay muna. Haha! 😉

everyday anthology
Everyday Anthology
mayfair anthology shoes
Mayfair Anthology
melbourne anthology shoes
Melbourne Anthology

5 thoughts on “Anthology Shoes Sale

  1. I don’t know why but before I used to like wearing mary jane shoes or those like the Anthology shoes –> flats and just cute. But now I prefer ones that are open toed to keep my toes breathing all day.

  2. Same with Rochkirstin, I used to love this kind of shoes but now I would prefer to wear shoes that had open toed to keep my feet more comfortable.

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