August 2005

Friday, August 26
Bloggie Anniversary

It’s my bloggie’s 2nd anniversary today!!! Seems like only yesterday when I first started to blog. I found home on my 3rd move. Hehe.

You can view my first few entries here and witness how I’ve matured…err changed through the years.

I’m busy right now but I’ll try to post an entry later.Hihi.

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Thursday, August 25


see yah there!

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Thursday, August 18
just because…


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Wednesday, August 17
Knees to the Earth

by : Christy Knockels

Wonderful savior

My heart belongs to thee

I will remember

Always the blood you shed for me

Wonderful savior

My heart will know your word

So let me embrace you

Always as I walk this earth

Be blessed be loved

Be lifted high

Be treasured here

Be glorified

I owe my life to you my Lord

Here I am

Beautiful Jesus

How may I bless your heart

Knees to the earth I bow down

To everything you are

Beautiful Jesus

You are my only way

So I will embrace you

Always as I walk this earth

Be blessed be loved

Be lifted high

Be treasured here

Be glorified

I owe my life to you my Lord

Here I am


> This song perfectly describes how I’m feeling right now. Good thing Pastor Jerry asked me to download, study and sing this song. But I won’t…I shall let others sing it. would be nice pa naman if I sing and Josh is on guitar. 

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Monday, August 15
thinking out loud

I have always been the type to reason out when my emotions are thwarted and when I think something is wrong. It’s natural and UP further thought me how to make intelligent and sound arguments when a certain person, system, or principle becomes illogical.

At home, I always get in trouble for my reasoning out. For me, it’s simply an explanation of my side with the issues I am directly involved in. I say what I want to say when I think my parents are wrong and when I’m not understood. My parents and siblings always regard my explanations as ‘pagsagot’ because sometimes I say them with much passion and more often than not, with a loud voice. But through the years, I have learned to express my opinions in a more respectful manner.

I have no fears even If I am talking to authority. I don’t kiss ass. I say what I think is wrong with the situation, what I can’t do, can still do, and suggest if anything be can done. For me, it is just an ‘expression’ of my opinions. When most people think it’s katarayan, me thinks it’s simply reasoning out. I say when I want change. I speak when I’m insulted. I scream when I just can’t take it anymore. I voice out whatever is on my mind….rather I always think out loud. I do these things with all honesty and respect as much as possible though.

I guess it’s the fighter within me (oooh..I can hear Christina Aguilera in the background..). Or maybe education has made me analytical..too critical…that there should always be explanation and logic to things.

I once confronted a friend’s mother about a certain issue which I think was simply sick. I admited that I was wrong on one thing. But I just didn’t like what she did and said so I told her without any qualms, “But honestly Tita, I didn’t like what you did”..(tsk tsk..there you go again Reah). I know not everyone can say that in front of another’s mother. I am not most proud of that but I’m glad I did. I have no regrets or whatsoever.

And just recently, I chose not to close my mouth. hand did the talking actually. Goodness..the guts. I don’t know what’ll be the outcome. I am not even sure I am understood or if my sentiments will be echoed.

Nothing is at risk. Just my image that is so sickening. But I do not care. All I want is for people to rethink of their actions and change for the better…or so I think. My doing such is for the right reasons.

I know a lot will never understand and even beg to disagree with me. People often tell me to just keep quiet and leave things as they are. That I won’t do….that would be too hard for know, keep my mind and mouth shut.

I still have many years ahead of me. My mouth will soon tire…but my mind nevah.

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Friday, August 12

paplug lang para sa minamahal ko…para na rin sa inyong mga asul..di naman ako pupunta mrs. bassist for tonight…pero cge na daw… 


Friday, 12 August 2005
8:00 PM @ SanMig, El Pueblo




P150 Entrance – Comes with a FREE drink!
Coverage by Halikinu Radio (Nu107) and MYX!

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