July 2005

Thursday, July 28

I’d like to think that I’m not affected but I am. I really am. So shoot me.

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Tuesday, July 26

oh.my.god. ____ has a girlfriend na..

nyak.nyak.nyak. buti nman…kasi may boypren na ko.


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Friday, July 22

It was a toss-up between the pink and the green. But I guess Polly and I are destined to be together. I couldn’t wait for him to arrive so I’d see her. Goodness gracious…now I have her. Hooray!

Two days after…the pink one came to me. Oh no. So sorry, I don’t like her anymore coz she’s so girlie. Glad to have my Polly in blue.

But I can use them both..depends on my mood. Hehe.

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rants, raves

Wednesday, July 20

i’m getting tired of people whom i can’t relate to. i’m trying to be patient. but for how long? i’m reaching out but they can’t seem to grasp what i’m saying and doing. i should change my approach. i want them to know more about life. i want them to understand that such is such. oh please.

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Friday, July 15

Wow. Susan Roces is on the streets now. I am not excited nor thankful that she has come. I mean, does she really know the essence of what she’s saying and doing? Not only her, but the rest of the Filipinos in Makati as well.

Okay. I so sound like a pro-admin but maaan, when will the Filipinos learn that rallies and confrontations are not always the solution. This time around, I honestly think that another People Power will never do any good to our beloved Philippines. There was only the 1986 and 2001 EDSA People Powers and never will there be a third. What do those Makati rallyists think they’re doing? I get their point. They want Arroyo to resign because they think she cheated. I pity them really as I pity the Lady President.

The whole world is probably watching right now, and laughing too because the country has become a land of rallies and demonstrations…that most Filipinos know only opposition, impeachment, people power, and for some apathy…but are afraid of reform.

It’s so obvious that I’m not for the president’s resignation. I commend those who believe that she still can do something for the country. I firmly believe and with all honesty I say, that it’s about time the government changes the system, do a major revamp, and get right with God and the people.

The last thing we need is a new president, an ex-media man to become the chief executive  if ever, transitions, another first 100 days, new cabinet members, and etc. All these and more would only cause major headache for most Juans. Kick GMA’s butt of Malacañang and then what? Install someone less capable and same time next year, plead for him to step down and have him ousted.

Since 1986, The Pinoys only know the streets to take their grievances to…out in the open. Why not learn and realize that there is a more “proper” place to settle things, perhaps like the court or the congress?

Unless there is change in the system and the hearts of the Filipinos, we can only do so much. Yes to Reform. Yes to Change. I hope GMA realizes that soon.

And people, instead of joining the multitudes in Makati or wherever, why not pause for a while and say a prayer. I’m sure most of us haven’t got down on our knees and pray. And what do you need to pray for? A lot man. Pray for yourself to make an informed stand on the issue. Apathy leads to death. Pray for all the Filipinos to be enlightened. Pray for Gloria, who is in deep trouble, to have the strength and courage, and the Holy Spirit to convict and guide her. For the healing of the Philippines. And lastly, for the economy to quickly recover.

So am I a loyalist? Nah. Just a simple citizen who hopes and dreams for the promises of God in the Philippines be fulfilled. Soon.

God’s glory be upon Gloria and upon Philippine’s glorious people. 

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Thursday, July 14
Nuninu Snippets

> > > My sleeping habits are now destroyed. Last Monday, I slept at around 6:30 am and the next day, slept from 11, woke up at 2:30 then I couldn’t sleep anymore. I got to sleep at around 8:am. Twas such a bad thing to happen to me. My body clock has not returned to normal since I was assigned to the GY shift. Thank God that I finally had a good night rest last night. I was thinking if I should get a new mattress coz for the past 2 nights…err…mornings, I’d get my well-deserved sleep when I’m on my parents’ or brother’s beds. Oh btw, got a new one last night.  Woot!

> > > My birthday went…well…okay..No big deal unlike in the past. I didn’t prep myself to get excited this year coz I didn’t feel like celebrating it.  Yeah..maybe just a little. It must be the hormones, or maybe, the fact that I’m getting older. Nyay. At 22, I’m already feeling and thinking this way. Scareness.

> > > Nobody greeted me on the eve of my birthday. Poor me. The first message came in at 5:26 am, the second from my mom, and Stripe’s came third( although he greeted me the night before). I woke up with a lot of text messages in my inbox though. Thank God for friends who remembered.

> > > July 11 was also a lazy day for me ..and a sick one. I was shirking the whole day.  I was just so sleepy and a lil bit dizzy. Even my officemates’ badgering didn’t do me good. I couldn’t take my dizziness anymore so I asked Stripe to pick me up at exactly 10. I thought that maybe it was just hunger pangs so I bought a burger meal from Jollibee and munched on yumburger and fries on my way home. Oh yes, I was right…I was just hungry. I even had a hearty meal when I got home. Takaw. Busog.

> > > I cant wait for Monday to come. Yipee!

> > > It’s payday tomorrow but I know I won’t be happy. I’ve got a loooooooooot to pay. I listed them all down with the corresponding amount, subtracted them from my usual salary, and voila! only 500 pesos will be left of me. Gudlak sa Kismet! Haha!

> > > My room is such a mess.I can’t get through. It has become ‘passage restrictive’ for the nth time. Will. Clean. Room. Saturday. Promise.

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Saturday, July 09

I am not a GMA loyalist but I’m not going to the streets and join the people in calling for her resignation. The country can’t afford to have another People Power.

That’s all I can say. For now…as I am busy with problems of my own. But people, my seemingly apathetic attitude is not normal. I am more than willing to share my stand on the issue. It’s just that..it’s just that I’m tired. Can’t muster enough courage and will to put my knowledge into writing. I am better off with the debates going inside my head.

I am constantly praying for the president and the country though. I always pray that God would give her the wisdom and knowledge…comfort and strength amidst the tumultuos events…and courage to face the people..and the heart to face the future.

God bless the Philippines.

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