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Remembering Steve

It’s no secret that I’m an Apple fan girl. It’s true when they say, “Once You Go Mac, You Can Never Go Back”. My first Apple gadget was a blue iPod Mini which I asked my cousin to buy in Singapore. I fell in love with the blue iPod. I got another green iPod Nano, an iPod Shuffle, and then the white 13-inch MacBook which opened my eyes to the wonders of OS X.Then came the iPhone 3G, the iPad, this 11-inch MacBook Air, and the iPad 2. Continue reading Remembering Steve

What Oktoberfest means to my husband…

It’s not what you think. Josh doesn’t drink. He never enjoyed drinking and hates the taste of beer. And now that he has gout, there really is no way he’d come to love it. While most guys (and girls) look forward to October because they can drink all they want to celebrate Germany’s most popular beer festival, Oktoberfest means time to buy something for his music.

Every year, the local music store Yupangco, holds a grand promo which they call as Handog Sale. I regularly receive newsletter from the company because I want to be updated with the products. Every year, Joshua buys something. Mura nga kasi. And since because he is not a shopaholic (thank God!), rarely buys stuff for himself, and is a hard-core musician, I have to give in to his request. Haha! He doesn’t buy every year but he just enjoys checking out the store.

He sold his old amp and he bought himself this Marshall MG60DFX Amplifier a month before I gave birth to Noah last 2009. Last hurrah na daw:

Noah and Daddy Joshua jamming

Continue reading What Oktoberfest means to my husband…