Remembering Steve

It’s no secret that I’m an Apple fan girl. It’s true when they say, “Once You Go Mac, You Can Never Go Back”. My first Apple gadget was a blue iPod Mini which I asked my cousin to buy in Singapore. I fell in love with the blue iPod. I got another green iPod Nano, an iPod Shuffle, and then the white 13-inch MacBook which opened my eyes to the wonders of OS X.Then came the iPhone 3G, the iPad, this 11-inch MacBook Air, and the iPad 2.

I want my next Apple purchase to be an iMac but there really is no need for me to have a kick-ass multimedia computer. It’s either a MacBook Pro which I by the time I need to buy a new one will be cheaper or a Mac Mini. My MacBook Air still has two years under the Apple Care plan so there is no rush. Unless…unless….something happens that I need a more powerful machine. Hmmm…

I dream of attending MacWorld, WWDC, or an Apple event. I hope to cover just one Apple event for work in my lifetime.

Anything Apple, I love. Don’t ask me why. Most Apple fans would just agree and understand. (Bakit nga ba?!)

It’s only natural that I admire Steve Jobs for all that he had contributed to Apple. I just admire him for being a genius. He may not be the perfect boss but HE IS STEVE JOBS. Yun na.

So imagine my shock when I heard of this death last year. It was especially painful because my dad died a few days before Steve.  I was still mourning about my father’s passing and then, Apple’s founder was also gone. I did not cry. I only felt there was a connection. What a coincidence that the two guys I respected and admired the most died only days apart.

I didn’t mourn over Steve Jobs’ death. Just shocked. I felt sadness for about a moment and thought “sayang“. I don’t personally know him so there’s no point in crying. Why would I?

But then all these Apple geeks were paying tribute to him. I did make one too as part of my work. I made a short photo slideshow of his photos taken by my boss at MacWorld event. This was work but was special to me because I chose to use my husband’s original composition.

Title: Summer Solace

Joshua composed this song for a churchmate’s short film for school five years ago. I was more than happy to use his music for a Steve Jobs tribute.

It’s been a year. I completely forgot about his death anniversary but I had to write about it for work. I love what Apple did– a video tribute featuring Steve Jobs’ iconic images and famous quotes.

Nakakaiyak. And with all the booboos of Apple lately, I feel for Steve. He must be turning in his grave right now. :p

5 thoughts on “Remembering Steve

  1. Steve Jobs was certainly a great man with a singular vision for his company. I expect they’re still in the process of figuring out what “voice” will truly define Apple in the years to come. Give them a little time 😉

    1. yeah. i think tim cook is doing a great job but steve jobs was steve jobs. maybe apple has come to a point that they’ve done great in almost everything there’s no need to innovate/improve? there’s still a lot of room for improvement but under tim cooks’ leadership, it will really be different.

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