What Oktoberfest means to my husband…

It’s not what you think. Josh doesn’t drink. He never enjoyed drinking and hates the taste of beer. And now that he has gout, there really is no way he’d come to love it. While most guys (and girls) look forward to October because they can drink all they want to celebrate Germany’s most popular beer festival, Oktoberfest means time to buy something for his music.

Every year, the local music store Yupangco, holds a grand promo which they call as Handog Sale. I regularly receive newsletter from the company because I want to be updated with the products. Every year, Joshua buys something. Mura nga kasi. And since because he is not a shopaholic (thank God!), rarely buys stuff for himself, and is a hard-core musician, I have to give in to his request. Haha! He doesn’t buy every year but he just enjoys checking out the store.

He sold his old amp and he bought himself this Marshall MG60DFX Amplifier a month before I gave birth to Noah last 2009. Last hurrah na daw:

Noah and Daddy Joshua jamming

Nothing from Yupangco in 2010 because he requested me to have this shipped from the US together with the Noah’s Ark Party Supplies:

Behringer ULTRA-G GI100

Last year, when he went to Canada for a 3-week training, he rewarded himself a Korg Pitchblack Chromatic Pedal Tuner:


Also last year, he happily went to Yupangco and got himself this FENDER CD60-CE Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar at a lower price:

The Padlas: Joshua on guitar and Noah on keyboard

He wanted to buy this guitar effects from the store but I knew someone selling his:

Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble

For our 4th Wedding Anniversary, he wanted another guitar effects. This time, a Boss RV-5 Digital Reverb Effects Pedal which again I had to order from the US:

Boss RV-5 Digital Reverb Effects Pedal
A special request to buy something in the US meant I could also buy some for myself. Hihi.

Because I like surprises, I traveled to the north (read: SM North) on my own to get him this pedal board earlier this 2012:

Boss BCB-60 Pedal Board

It was one hot summer day last year when I went out for an important meeting for a project I was working on. Little did he know that I would buy the pedal board he’s been wanting so he was really overjoyed when I got home. Going to the north was an effort for me because I had to commute but seeing him happy was so worth it. (Kasi ang dami na rin niya “surprises” sa akin. I shop, he gets surprised.)

Just recently, he mentioned he wanted a Boss GE-7 Equalizer for his birthday. He’s been checking eBay and Amazon but was only waiting for November to come. Knowing him, he would wait patiently for something even if he really wants it.

And again, because I love surprises, I immediately searched for one. Luckily, I saw one listed on Sulit.com.ph (at dahil rin siguro napakagaling ng nag-ooptimize ng website na ito).  I texted the guy right away and agreed to meet the next day. From P3,500, he sold me this for only P3,000 still in mint condition:

Boss GE-7 Equalizer | You made my day, Reah. Thank you! – Josh

It’s October and Yupangco’s HANDOG SALE 2012 is set on October 16 to 31. He said he doesn’t want anything because of my surprises but I have a feeling he wants another guitar. (Every year dapat meron?!)

Seriously, I’ve been looking for an original Gibson Les Paul or an Epiphone guitar, at least, but it’s too expensive. It’s not a priority right now but I would love him to wake up one day and see a new guitar beside him on the bed. Haha!

GA Yupangco Handog Sale 2012
GA Yupangco Handog Sale 2012

He said he wants this Washburn guitar:

Oscar Schmidth OD45CE Acoustic Electric Guitar
Oscar Schmidth OD45CE Acoustic Electric Guitar

“Didn’t you just buy one last year?“, I asked. His reply, “It’s for you.” 

For me! Oh but I only want a ukulele! He said he has three, Noah has two, and that I need my own. He said he couldn’t and wouldn’t get me the guitars I want:

Pink Hello Kitty Guitar
Pink Hello Kitty Guitar
Taylor Swift Sparkly Silver Guitar
Taylor Swift‘s Custom-made Sparkly Silver Guitar by Taylor

Of course, why would he spend so much on a pretty guitar when I’m not good. In other words, kanto levelz lang ang guitar skillz ko! Haha! The pink Hello Kitty Guitar is too cute for his taste. The “shining, shimmering, splendid guitar” of Taylor Swift is custom-made but I think I could make a cheaper version. (Pero sabi niya pwede bilhin kung kasama si Taylor Swift. LOL!)

(Trivia: I learned how to play the basic chords because of him. Just so I could “ask him” to teach me. Style! I was 16. :p)

He doesn’t want to get another cheap guitar because it would be a waste of money. This Washburn Guitar, is something Noah could use in the future.

But the way he said it, making the “quote-unquote hand gesture” was too cute and funny. Okay. Fine. Thank you in advance.

Morning of October 16, Joshua is going to Yupangco to get me “my guitar” and probably something else. Oh how we’d love to get this for Noah…


…but naah. Joshua thinks he’s going to be a drummer because he prefers to tap and hit whatever when he hears a song. Actually, as I’m writing this, he’s hitting the carpet and the sofa, drumming to the beat of songs being played on Little Einsteins.

But who knows, it’s not drums nor guitar or the piano. It could be the tuba, violin, or French Horn. (Kahit triangle at castanet pa….suportahan taka!)

We don’t know what musical talent God bestowed on our son but I know he is going to be a musician just like his dad.



If and when we discover Noah isn’t as good as his daddy in music, we still believe that he is special.  As parents, it is our role to help him discover and develop his talents and skills.

With God’s grace, we will encourage him to do whatever he is good at.
With God’s help
, we will provide for whatever he needs to learn (instruments, tools, or lessons).
We promise to be there for him
during special events may it be recitals, art competition, quiz bees, or tournaments).


To nurture him is going to be a challenge. To be entrusted with this child is a sweet joy, a great privilege, and a heavy responsibility. Or if we can’t do all these things by some reason, we will still abide by the Bible verse Joshua 24:15:

“As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Joshua in the Bible said these words in the Old Testament. And these are the same words my Joshua, our Joshua, is saying everyday, “My family will serve You Lord.” 🙂

Praise Him with trumpet sound. Praise Him with harp and lyre.
Psalm 150: 3  (NASB)


So how did Oktoberfest suddenly turned into serving the Lord for my family again? 😀

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    1. hello mei! thanks for visiting and for sharing. my husband is really into music. it’s his vice. we’ll visit the store soon. 🙂

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