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update : 030205 – mine finally! yey!


[1] Last week, I was absent for two days because of fever. I did nothing but sleep, play SMB on Gameboy, and Solitaire on my cellphone. What can I do? I just couldn’t get up. I can’t even fix my bed. Haven’t been sick for so long. I guess it was about time that heat escapes my body.

[2] Q: What’s worse than Prince Charles marrying Camilla Parker?
A: Diether Ocampo singing with Sugarfree.

Ugh! The sight just irritated me so. Boo. I was never fascinated with him really. That was so un-rockstar! I’m not a fan a of Sugarfree but I respect their music. It’s Diether jamming with him on national TV that I didn’t like. Trying too hard talaga. Grrrrr. So boo. Bernard Palanca was with him actually but I didn’t mind him coz I know he could sing. While Diether…..aaaaargh! Boo! I hate. So he thinks he’s a rocker? No way. He can’t even sing! And maaan…his facial expression pa…grrrr talaga. He doesn’t know how to ‘rawk’. Grrr.

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