Purity by Grace

In a world where purity is slowly moving to oblivion, God’s people should be more prayerful than ever. Grace brings holiness to those who are willing to heed to the difficult and narrow road to righteousness. God intends for His children to become the people He wants them to be. Become the body He described in the New Testament. Men and women alike need to ask strength from above to resist temptations and to turn their backs on the world.

People easily dismiss that there is truth to the phrase, “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”. Blinded and unforgetful, they say as an excuse, ‘I’m human…I’m weak.’ But God, in all His mighty splendor, righteousness, and love, gives the Holy Spirit to enable man not to sin. With this truth in mind and applied in a worshipful life, there is no reason why you and me should fall into the enemy’s trap.

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