Cool Silence

Weather today is very unusual. Cool. You see, for the past 2 weeks its been too hot when it’s supposed to be the rainy season. I keep telling my family that I find it hotter now than in the summer.Humid. Today, I woke up not perspiring. I didn’t feel the need to take a bath right away. Haha! I take a bath 2x a day..sometimes even thrice…before I start work and before I sleep.

It’s also weird that the house is kept clean. Mom is here and did major cleaning last night. And the kids are no longer with us. How sad..for me, because they make happy and insane at the same time. Etoy is now in school and Juju is out.  I am left alone with the senior citizens. Hehe.

Off to work. Wearing my favorite ‘pambahay’. Donning a new haircut. This is turning out to be a very quiet day. I guess I’d have to get used to this….you know, silence.

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