Just One of Those Days

I had a looong day yesterday even if I woke up late…at 1 pm! It’s my normal waking hours so forgive me. I just gotta blog about this..you know, just one of those days that I enjoyed so much spending time with the people I love. =)

Josh and I brought my cousins Etoy and Juju to the mall to buy the former’s things for school. I told his mom I’d sponsor his school supplies. And because my Lola asked me to also buy him new pair of shoes…I did, even if it’s way over my budget for the month. It just felt good to see his smile when he woke up in the morning excited that he’d finally go out of the house after 2 weeks of being caged because of chickenpox.

I felt I was a mommy already with the kids and daddy. Haha. (Shhh…I always daydream about that :p) After shopping, I asked Joshie if he could feed the kids..and me. He said yes because he remembered he still owes me 300 bucks so told me to just use the money. Right. Very wise.


Julliana did not finish her meal. Actually, just her rice. Just we were about to leave, she told me, “Uwi natin yang kanin, sayang eh!”. Cute. At her age, she already knows how to make tipid. So I did bring her leftover with us. Joshie and I brought the kids back to my house. Good thing he didn’t let me drive his car because traffic along Boni Ave was bad! We then proceeded to our church for his practice with the band. Oh how I miss the team. I don’t know yet when I’ll be joining them again.

Anyway, I had the chance to hear the band jam before practice. I actually posted their video here and took this picture of Jose Rizal...

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