E & R

E: C’mon baby…you can do this.

R : Yeah..I know I can. It’s just that some people can get really impatient with me. Seems like they expect a lot from me.

E: You think so?

R : Well yeah…it has always been that way..or so I think.

E : Maybe not…don’t think about it honey. What do they care?

R : Everything man!!! I belong to them. I owe my life to them.

E : I’m sure they’re just doing it right.

R : Uh huh..maybe its just really me. Yeah..its just me. I guess its just something between me and my Maker.

E : You said it yourself. Everything is about you and your Maker. So whats the fuss?

R : I don’t know…sometimes I can be a little hardheaded..impatient..not too trusting..such a worrier….sometimes…but then again..

E : But then again…the joy that your Maker gives would set in. You always tell me that.

R : Really?!? That’s great! That means that He doesn’t change eh?

E : You said it right honey. You are so so right.

R : Sometimes I just cant stop my tears from falling because He’s just AWESOME.

E : Magnificent. Nothing and no one compares to Him. You know that. Others should know that too. Can you help me with that?

R : With what?

E : With telling the people how great our Maker is?

R : That’s why I have this blog dear.

E : Great.

R : Great. Yeah…just great. I still trust Him y’know. I know it’ll be forever.

mode | naiinitan

music | fiona apple – across the universe

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