New Job

What happened to me yesterday was so abrupt. I couldn’t explain how I felt. Maybe I was overwhelmed. Or maybe I was just shocked. Everything happened so fast. What was it? I finally got a job! No. It isn’t a 9-5 job. It’s something a lot of people dream of getting as a job(I think…a number tells me that they want that job. I’m a researcher for a TV network. (Hint:I’m a kapamilya now). But I never thought it would be that easy. It was so informal. My friend Chris just asked me to come with him because a new show will start soon and they still need a researcher. I was opting for that other position(not really) but the other researcher for the show that my friend is in backed out and needed a replacement. He then told the producer that I was with him and he(prod) said “okay”. Just that! And that was over the phone. I was like…whoa! seryoso ba to?! whats my status now? Even the new researchers aren’t still sure if they’re in or not. I just waited but didn’t really expect anything. I was really half-hearted about it but I told God that if He really wants me to be in this field, I’ll be accepted. I just told Him that. I didn’t hear from Him though. It all happened so quick.

I didn’t expect it really. I was neither prepared for it. I was all set to find work this coming new year because I still wanna rest and I have so many things to do for the church and my social life. I had them all planned. I even couldn’t sleep because I was so excited pouring my heart and remaining time with those activities. And now this.

I’m taking this as an opportunity to build relationships for God. I know there is a purpose why He placed me there. I still cant get myself thrilled about it yet. Yet. The network is so big. I might get lost. I might get stuck in an elevator with my celeb crush Echo(wehehe!).

This is so new for me. I know my lifestyle’s gonna change a bit. I don’t have a hold of my schedule anymore. I know its gonna be erratic. I know nothing.

I’m accepting things even if I’m blind. I’m taking this as a challenge.

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