Ending the Year Right

People are sharing their New Year’s Resolutions. I have a few of my own but I honestly doubt I’d be able to keep them. Most of the items in my list are related to health which means it will be a very challenging year for me. Haha!

We don’t have anything grand planned this Christmas and New Year’s Eve. We’ve postponed travel this year for a better reason– a new house! We’re very much enjoying our days and nights in our own home. Everyday, we thank God for this blessing– one symbol of our FAITH.

Instead of starting right, I want to end 2013 by spending time with my Lord. After all, He is the Reason for the Christmas Season and He is the reason why I live. Reading His Word sustains me. His promises have kept me going this year. The year started with me stressed and a bit lonely but I knew then God had something great planned for me. I just had to wait –patiently on Him. It’s not surprising but reading the Bible has more than comforted me.

The Word eternal brought joy to my innermost being. This year, I have learned that ‘to know God better is to love Him more‘. Did I learn to love Him more? Definitely.

Day-by-day I try to seek God. Everyday I long to see Him, His goodness, mercy, and love. This coming new year, I hope to keep being in love with Him.

I hoped and prayed that my light would shine this year. I can’t say it did very brightly but I hope in my heart that I’ve touched some hearts and souls. It is my prayer that God’s greatness would continue to flow in my life so that people may see and cause them to also praise the heavens. To make them come to God as I was made aware and became in awe of His greatnesss–which compelled me to worship Him.

This 2013, God made me see that His creation is beautiful. But while I know that God’s creation is wonderful, it’s nothing compared to the beauty of the new heaven and the new earth. (Now that’s something to look forward to.) Think GLORIOUS.

This 2013, God also taught me how my desires could be aligned with His. There were many things I wanted to happen my way but He showed me to just let go and rest in His words. This way, I was able to accept that His desires for my life are far greater than my selfishness. There is no way to go but up– from glory to glory as I followed His word. God surprised me by answering more than what I’ve asked and imagined. Little did I know that God was taming my heart as I slowly lined up with His will. I now understand these words:

“If you saturate yourselves in His Words, then His desires will also be yours.”


This 2013, God showed me that He truly understands my heartaches, plans, and desires. He knows me so well that He knows how to make me feel better. He really did.

This 2013, God blessed my family with a new home. It was all GRACE I tell you. Our prayer this new year and the rest of our lives, is that those who will walk through our door would know that the Lord God lives in our house. It is our desire that the reality of His presence be evident in our lives with love and warmth– as individuals, as a couple, as parents, as a young child, and as a family.

This 2013, God taught me to show love to others as I immense myself in a close and deep love relationship with Him. He wanted me to stay there, stay with Him, and to just abide. I believe in my heart that this 2014, God wants me to ABIDE in Him more. That’s what I want: to become part of the eternal sphere of unconditional love.

This 2013, God has showed me what faith can do. He made me step out in faith and trust Him alone. Not in my husband, not in myself, and not in others but in HIM alone. I saw that trusting Him at His Word, putting Him to the test, and just doing it — He would do great wonders.

This 2013, God taught me to wait. I now believe and now live the “Wait on God and you will be blessed“. Waiting has always been very difficult for me. It can be the ultimate test of one’s faith but it’s an essential part of discipline. My Lord taught me to not take matters into my own hands. You know why? Because He didn’t want me to be in trouble.

God did more for me this year. I can say that 2013 has been a very humbling experience. God has sustained me each day, each week, and each month. I may have written hundreds of words here already but not one word would perfectly describe my GOD.

So you think God is good? He is way even better. Brace yourselves for a more fruitful 2014. I know I will. Maybe not in material blessings but in treasures that matter the most.


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