Lipat Bahay Gang: Tips on Moving

lipat bahay gang
Bittersweet. Hired RA Francisco Transport Service.

I am still stressed with our big move. I started packing a couple of months ago but it’s only last week that we moved all our stuff. Well, almost as we still have a few things in the townhouse.

This is our 6th change of residence ever since we got married. Six in five years? Not bad.

  • From my childhood residence in Mandaluyong, Josh and I settled in a one bedroom apartment just a few blocks away.
  • After a year, we moved to his lola’s old room in Bel-Air, Makati.
  • A few weeks before I gave birth, we moved to the studio outside.
  • Just before Noah learned to walk, we moved to a bigger studio unit beside it.
  • And after our son turned a year old, we moved to a 2-storey townhouse in Mandaluyong.
  • And now, WE’RE HOME. In. Pasig. Anak ng Pasig talaga kami.

Mandaluyong-Makati-Mandaluyong-Pasig. Hindi na kami lumayo pa.

We’re on our 4th home since the other two moves were inside the same house, just different rooms but still stressful. I admit it’s my fault because I’m not organized. I think this is the only move that I’ve planned being months in the making. Still, it took us weeks to haul our things. I tried to “declutter” but we still ended up with lots of stuff. Believe it or not, Noah’s toys alone were one full van load! That is not an exaggeration as I now have five boxes of old toys ready to donate to Yolanda victims. I just don’t know where to send them as there are too many choices.

I am hoping, praying to God, that this will be the last since it’s our own home. If we have to move again, it’d have to be to another country. Haha! (And that would be more difficult.) I’m no longer dreaming to move to a bigger house with rooms for each of our kids, a 2-car garage, and more. House-hunting had taught me simplicity and humility– to be content of simpler things in life.

If you’re planning to change residence anytime soon, here are a few suggestions to ensure an organized move. I can’t say I followed all of them but most have been pretty helpful.

lipat bahay gang 2

1. Buy lots of boxes. Self-explanatory but please do buy a lot. You can buy balikbayan boxes in National Bookstore but each costs below P99. I bought four initially but then I realized they’re too pricey. So off I went to Puregold to buy recently used boxes. I bought 15 boxes in small and medium sizes. Small boxes are easier to transport. I should have bought more.

tips on moving 1

2. Declutter. Declutter, sort, spring cleaning, and declutter again. Throw stuff you don’t need. Donate old but usable clothes and shoes to relatives and friends. My cleaning lady is so happy these days because she gets to take home the stuff I don’t want and sell them to her neighbors.

tips on moving 3

3. Use luggage/suitcases to haul your clothes. We have too many clothes and took me so many trips just to bring them. I know it would be easier if I use boxes but I didn’t have time to fold the clothes. I borrowed two more luggage from my brother and brought clothes every time we’d visit our new place. While packing, sort your clothes, of course.

4. Wrap breakables in used paper or kitchen towels. I used kitchen towels to wrap the plates and glasses. No need to buy bubble wrap (as they can be a waste of money). Label the box “FRAGILE” so the movers would be more careful. If possible, bring these items yourself before making the big move.

lipat bahay gang 1

5. Clean the bathrooms and kitchen beforehand. You’d be using these many times while moving your stuff.


6. Pack books in smaller boxes. They’re easier to carry. You may also tie them in stacks using straw rope. You may buy a coil of straw rope from any hardware.

tips on moving 2

7. Pack everything. I didn’t follow this advice though. Even if I bought a lot of boxes, I was too excited to move to our new house that I would go to the place almost everyday and bring small stuff. We would bring a few boxes, unpack, and then take the empty boxes again with us. My husband told me to pack everything and bring all of them in one final haul. Like I said, I was too excited so we made a few trips two weeks before the big move last Tuesday.

Moving to a new home can be stressful but it can also be exciting! Noah and I have been staying here for more than a week now. Husband still works at our old townhouse because PLDT has not installed DSL yet. Today is Friday, his last day at the apartment. We’ll make the final hakot tomorrow and bring home the dog with us. 🙂

sleepy noah
I would bring him with me every time. Obviously, pati sya pagod.
tips on moving 5
This is it! Thank you Lord!

In peace I will both lie down and sleep; for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.
Psalm 4:8 


One thought on “Lipat Bahay Gang: Tips on Moving

  1. Mother Reaaaahh!! I read sa Facebook na moving na kayo so I checked your blog just now and I’m so happy to read the latest posts! Waaaah this is so it! I’m so happy for you, daddy Joshie & Noah!!! Congrats on finally taking that leap of faith 😉

    Kagabi lang din I posted a photo on my blog of our future home, pero waaay into the future pa yung saken, mas exciting yung sayo kasi now na agad haha 🙂

    Dun na tayo Christmas party sa new place diba? game na! 🙂

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