What’s keeping me busy….

…is a new house!

Well, it’s actually a condo unit somewhere in Pasig but it’s ours! I cannot contain my excitement as after almost five years of renting (wasting money on rent), we have our own.

I can declare that 2013 is truly the “Year of the Lord’s Favor”. The year started good but it’s ending oh so great! It has been a journey of faith that I’d like to share but I’m saving that story for another post.

I’ve been busy with all the packing and spring cleaning the past month and since we’ve made the big move last week–unpacking, spring cleaning again, and decorating. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen my #springcleaning posts already, plus a sneak peek of our new place.

It’s not a mansion but it’s very spacious for the three of us. Even if we add another baby, it will be just right too. I have a big kitchen (hooray!), a laundry room, a spare room for all our “junk”, and more! I knew we would have our own place but not this soon.

House-hunting definitely taught me a lot of things and made me realize the things more important in life. It was truly a humbling experience. It wasn’t easy but I knew that it was God guiding us all along.

This house is a testimony of God’s AMAZING GRACE. In the meantime, allow me to share these photos.

the red door
The Red Door. I’ve always wanted a red door in our future house. While checking out the place for the first time, I didn’t notice the door was painted in red so I when I finally realized it, I said, “It’s a sign!”. True enough, the house was meant for us.
swimmming pool
We’ve got a pool! Haven’t tried dipping into the pool, maybe next week.

pretty shelves
Prettify your home. I know this corner shelves will change from time to time.
outside view
Sunshine finally…
ortigas sunset
Sunset view. I could get used to this…
ortigas center
This has always been our turf…
home shelf display
I’ll replace those plastic cups with real wine glasses soon…
closet cabinet
Josh and Noah will share this closet…
art frames
Brought the old DIY frames with me. I can’t wait to decorate and decorate!
temporary reading nook
I realized Noah has got so many books already. That shelf is just 1/4 of his books. Tsk. Temporary reading nook.
vintage telephone
We finally have a landline phone (two actually) but this is display only.
toy story
My son’s version of Toy Story. Each toy is pre-loved. All original. Believe it or not, all priced below P500. (Thanks to my shopping powers.)
tips on moving
He had no idea where he was going…
welcome to our home
Surprised my mom by bringing her there. She was clueless until I told her “Welcome to our house!”. She thought it was Joshua’s new office. I’m really glad that she’s with us in every transition of my life.
man cave playroom
Man Cave in Progress. Husband called dibs on the blue room. It’ll be his home office-gym-music room-Noah’s playroom.
home sweet home
And we’re home. 🙂


Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given to you, just as I promised to Moses.
Joshua 1:3 ESV 

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