Friday, April 08

Friday, April 08

Two nights ago, I had again the privilege to hear stripe on his classical guitar. Sure, I always hear him play every Saturday when the band practices but I don’t always get to hear him play a classical piece. It doesn’t usually happen even if we’re always together. The last time I heard him play was months ago and I was lulled to sleep so I didn’t hear the rest of the piece.

I was over at his place. I just love hearing him play and seeing him with ‘Maria’. Yep, he’s got a name for it. It’s actually the same name he gave his car. Ok. So why am I gushing? Ugh, nothing. I’m just glad to have him for a bestfriend and a boyfriend. I know I can’t live without music so it’s cool that the guitar man is mine. I am always amazed when he starts strumming his precious guitar. I am more drawn to him and his music. That’s the reason why I don’t easily believe people who say that ‘this’ or ‘that’ is great on guitars. I’ve got to hear ‘em first. My standard is that of Stripe, along with the masters he admires.

It’s just ironic that we haven’t really ‘jam’ together. You know, just me and him. Exclude the band practices and the phone calls. Our music exchange is limited to those two. There’d be times I’d ask him to study a song I like and he’d let me hear him play over the phone while I sing.

I’m thinking of somewhere else where we can freely do just that. Anywhere. It can be at the Sunken Garden or even in admu’s parking lot, my place or his place..(kahit san basta kasama ko siya..siya sa gitara at ako kakanta).

32 months to go…

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