Tuesday, April 12

I’m going to the beach this coming Thursday and Friday with my family. Where? In a resort somewhere in Batangas. It’ll be Nav’s second time to play in the sand and swim in the sea and I can’t wait to see him enjoy himself. I know it’ll be so much fun because I’m going with my most favorite people in the world—my family. Sans Stripe, of course. It would be a different thing altogether in May though. I might go to the beautiful beach of Boracay with him and his family. I’m not sure if it’s tuloy though. And I’m not sure if my dad would allow me. I’m praying that the good Lord will allow me to spend some few days with them. I’ve been working out so I could wear a decent swimwear and flaunt whatever I have(yeah right..haha!) It’s my only motivation to lose whatever it is that is making me unconfident. Nyehehe..
I have a project in mind. And by God’s grace I can do it and with the help of Karen. I’m buying this and then bring ICS to the world. I’m so excited! Help me Lord.
I’m definitely buying that next week. But I’m having second thoughts as to really buy that or buy a new pc instead if I want to pursue my many careers. Watchatink?
TIME…time is so precious it is gold. Ano daw? Ahahahaha!

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