Happy Birthday to Me!

Is blogging 2 days after my birthday too late? Haha. I couldn’t find the time to blog because I’ve got loads of things to do. Nah. It’s just that I don’t manage my time well these past few days. I’ve been sleeping a lot lately. I sleep late, wake up late, and then I sleep again in the afternoon before I start work. What is happening to me? Tsk. I’m so getting used to this lilfestyle. Waaah. Now I don’t really think I could adjust to the corporate environment when I decide to work again.

Anyways, I celebrated my birthday with family and my Joshie. As usual, I woke up late. It was Nav and Juju who woke me up by singing happy birthday. I said thanks and kissed them..then went back to sleep. My parents were home and decided to spend the day at our place. They brought me cake. Message says it was from Nav, my nephew.

I did the usual. Prepared  my cousin for school. Begged her to take a bath and after much prodding, she decided to wear her uniform and go to school. I had my mom bring her to school as I have not ….READ MORE

PS:I can’t post any pics yet coz I can’t find my digicam. Gaaah. Where in the world is Gas? 🙁

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