Juju’s First Day High

It’s been more than a week since I enrolled my cousin Julliana(Juju) to school. Like a mommy, I was more than excited that she’ll finally start school. It’s just in a nearby playschool so I, and the rest of her entourage(aka yayas) won’t have to travel. She didn’t have her uniform then. I couldn’t decide what to wear…err..to let her wear since most of her clothes are at their place. I just grabbed a red Garfield top and blue shorts. I didn’t know what was in her shoe collection so I asked my lola if she had something to wear with the outfit. Good thing she has red sneakers. Anyway, enough of the dressing-up-the-baby part. My bestfriend says Juju is a Little Reah now. Hihi.

I was the one who brought her to school. Obviously, I brought a camera with me. It was my brother who picked her up. She was so excited when she got home because she got a star!!! Weepee! My smile was so wide…I almost cried. Gosh. And she’s not even my daughter. I captured these moments because her mom was in the office so atleast I’ve got something to show her. :)

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