Wednesday, December 31

Forty-nine minutes ‘til the monkeys come..er, ‘til the world becomes a year older. By the time you read this, its 2004. I’m not much ecstatic as compared to the previous years. I don’t know why. Maybe because I’m just tired. I woke up at 11 because my 2 young cousins kept on bugging me. I had to get up even if it was really really against my will. I didn’t get my 8 hour sleep because…(never mind). Went to my sister’s in-laws’ house and had lunch there together with some of our churchmates. I thought that we would just stay there for lunch but to my horror(exag!), we stayed ‘til dinner. I wasn’t so in the mood for some chit-chat so I just sat on a couch the whole afternoon and read and read and read (okay…hit me!im such a killjoy). I think I’ve already finished every magazine there is in the house.I just grabbed every reading material I saw around. And when Mr. Sleep whispered to me, I positioned myself comfortably and followed him. I woke up then realized they all left me. Oh well..sleeping is much much better… for me atleast since I was really dizzy that afternoon. I was soooooo soooo dizzy. So I really had to have some snooze for awhile. Read some more and watched Bruce Almighty on dvd. That movie made me contemplate on God’s greatness. I think I’m gonna thank Him for the year that had passed before I hit the sack. I should. We all should people.

For the first time in many years,I am so not into the countdown thingie. I’d rather spend this eve in the comfort of my own room, snuggle. and talk to a friend on the phone. But I cant do that while everybody in my neighborhood is making so much noise. I’d rather blog (yeah right, that’s why I have an entry with this date and time) It’s 11:47 and I cant even hear the keyboard click as I type this.

(it’s 11:50 and my blood is boiling…grrrrrrrrr!)

I cant believe I’m not going out to see the great fireworks display over mandaluyong and makati!!! Im such a….waaaaaaah!

(it’s 12 already…and I’m smiling..ha..im such a babae talaga..hehehe)

Aaaaargh!!!enough of this..im done. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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