Merry Christmas!

Christmas is over but I didn’t blog about it. I wasn’t even able to greet my readers. Anyway, its over and done. After months of anticipation, greeting Merry Christmas is already passé(atleast for the next few months). Anyway, I posted my wishlist on friendster and a few friendsters reacted that THAT list was something. Haha! That’s why it’s called a “wish” list. A wish is defined as impossible to come true. Anyway, not even a single wish came true. I just asked for a few cds, a Nokia 6600, a laptop, new car, and a diamond engagement ring!!!(+ etc,etc, etc, and etc) JUST. Hehe. Even Santa couldn’t grant them but I still wish he did. (wink wink)

Gifts and money—I didn’t receive much of ‘em. I can say that this has been the most giftless and penniless Christmas ever for me. But hear me people, this year has been the merriest of all. Simply because I realized this year that there are more important things than the stuff I usually get. Relationships have become dearer to me. My family, friends, and even strangers. I came to know that nurturing good relationships with people can lead to something “great”. I’ve learned to become grateful for every person that God brings to my life. May it be an old friend, chatmate,a long lost relative, classmate, the girl who sits next to me in mrt, or just about almost everybody I meet. I became conscious of how I could reach out to them. And with this attitude, my materialism has been lessened. Spending time with people is more important so I try to listen to those in need and help them in anyway I can. Of course, in a way that glorifies nothing and no one but God.

This year is also the merriest because I’ve found a friend whom I know will love the real me no matter what. I don’t want to make much kwento here but God has been especially good to me. (am I so obvious?!hehe) It really pays when you know how to wait. I’ve always believed in the words: Good things come to those who wait. And really, good things will really come your way if you wait not just for “someone” but in everything God asks you to. Basta, TRUE LOVE WAITS.

That’s just about it. My MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS. Short but sweet(ewww). Simple but true. I don’t want to write a lengthier blog. There’s always a next time.

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