I just finished my last slice for the night.

Because my loneliness came with extreme craving for pizza, I decided to order again from Pizza Hut. Finally! Lsst week, I tried ordering online but didn’t receive a return call from any of their representatives so I called 8-McDo instead. My brother dared me that I won’t buy tonight but since the kids were excited when I told them I’m gonna order …I called 9111111 and ordered one family size Cheesy Bacon and a bottle of Pepsi plus the free Pepperoni Pizza. I have to make use of the PalmCard before it expires. :p

Open the box already!!!
My cousins Juju and Etoy both excited to have their slice
Only 7 slices left….

So good..that I forgot that I have work to do and am way past my deadline.

One of these days, I’m gonna sue every pizza company in the Philippines because of their effects on me and my family. Ha!

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