I Want a Kenneth Jay Lane

First learned about this from my friend Kookie. She sells fruity necklaces and I managed to buy two: strawberry and the other one an apple. But I still can’t get over the original.


Kenneth Jay Lane Strawberry Necklace


I have long gotten tired of accessories. I, one day, felt am a bit too old for all the kikayan. But you know, once a kikay, always a kikay. Haha. So I am desperately wanting to buy this Kenneth Jay Lane. Costs about a hundred dollars. I wouldn’t dare spend on this but I am hoping one good soul would purchase this for me. Nope. I’m not expecting Joshie to buy me but a friend on the other side of the world. :p

And hey, I just bought a Custo Barcelona sling bag that I absolutely adore. :p

(Just don’t tell my boyfriend that I’m back to my old ways…Hehe.)

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