Me Bum ‘Til When

I am now on my 3rd week of being a bum. I must say I am enjoying every minute of it. Well, except for the heat. We have no airconditioning so I have to do with electric fans and the windows wide open. And of course, the 2 baths a day and frequent change of clothes.

My days are ordinary. I’d wake up at around 7 or 8 am. Time alone with God. Text Joshie. Eat breakfast. Clean the house. Do some errands like go to the bank or to the grocery. Bathe my cousin Julliana. Have lunch. Do whatever chores. Then go online from 4pm to 12 am.

It is no secret that I am doing some freelance. I am working at home and I need to be contactable at those hours. I am currently enjoying what I am doing but I don’t know ’til when I’ll be having this job. Lately I’ve been thinking what if my boss suddenly decides that he won’t need me anymore. That would leave me jobless…a true blue bum without any money. It would mean I’d have to go job-hunting again. Look for job ads,send resume, go to interviews, etc. Right now, I honestly don’t think I can handle that. Because I don’t want to do that ever…ever again. I don’t know. I just wish Josh and I have a business we can call our own so we no longer have to work…and just have money work for us. (Rich Dad Poor Dad eh?). You see, yesterday was his last day at work. Yep. He also resigned. That leaves the two lovers turned bums.

But you know, I honestly believe that we are bums for a reason. I don’t know. We’re not really bums. We have homebased jobs. Me at my place and my freelance. And him working for his dad. We could very well become officemates you know. I could work at his place while he can also work at mine. Just bring our laptops and connect to the Net then off we go to work. We already set a schedule : Mon and Wed – my place ; Tues and Thurs – Bel-Air ; and Friday anywhere there’s wifi..err..Starbucks Rockwell? A dream perhaps. I am dreaming really that I won’t have to work. But hey, I need to face the reality soon. I don’t know where this freelance job will take me or ’til when. I just know that I have to make the most of my free time. To do good and to spend time with the people I love. I still hope and pray this job would work out.

I am thinking of getting guitar lessons from my boyfriend. Seriously. Or take singing lessons. Or ice skating. Or cooking or whatever. I only have 2 hours left in my driving lessons and I can’t wait for it to be over. Driving made me realize that I don’t want to drive unless I’ll be driving my own car bought with my own blood and money. And that it’s really better if I’ll just hire a driver. Haha! Anyway, because I already have a student permit…Josh no longer have any reason not to let me drive his car. Teehee.

Enough…I’m not making any sense I know.

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