Hello, I’m a WAHM!

How I Became a WAHM (… and how my husband became a WAHD)

Hi! I’m Reah and I’ve been working from home since 2007. I was single when I started working from home. I used to do SEO Consultancy but am now working “fulltime” as a blogger/editorial assistant for a German-based publication. I write tech news, gadgets, reviews, and just recently about cars. Salary is fixed but no change for more than five years and am on a flexi-schedule.

I got married to my childhood friend Joshua and we now have a super active pre-schooler named Noah. My husband is a musician at heart. He is a Business Analyst for a Canada-based software company and is a Work-At-Home-Dad. Yeah, that’s a WAHM living with a WAHM. I find our setup challenging because we do not have a helper (just a cleaning lady who comes in MWF) and a yaya for the little boy. It’s our choice not to get a yaya for many reasons. It’s difficult but we prefer it that way. Less stress. It would be different though when we decide to have another child. We’ll see.

I used to get other freelance jobs, mostly writing and web management, but I decided to focus on just one ever since I had my son. I can say I am blessed to be working with my boss who is very kind and understanding. I don’t know until when I’ll have this telecommuting job. But if and when my work ends, I want to start a buy-and-sell business or maybe take up my Masters.

This year has been challenging for me as a WAHM because after more than five years of “hibernation”, I have to go out everyday to bring my son to school. You see, we’re so used to sleeping and getting up late, both my husband and I, because of our work setup, but now we have to adjust everything for our son. I would say, “This is it. We’re no longer baby-sitting our son. Real parenting starts now.”

I realize that it’s not easy to become a homemaker. Mothers now have it easy though because we can still work from the comforts of our home and help support our household. I also think it’s not for everyone. I know a lot of people who tried telecommuting only to give up their jobs and get back to working in an office. It requires a lot of sacrifice financially, emotionally, and spiritually. How I wish all the moms I know could stay at home and be with their kids but sacrifices need to be made.

I’ve been a part of  the Manila Work-At-Home-Moms Facebook Group since last year. I got to meet some of you during the WAHMderful life seminar back in January. It’s really nice to read about how others are coping as a WAHM. Different women, different challenges…with same desire to become the wife and mother God wants us to be. 🙂

Read: How I Became a WAHM (… and how my husband became a WAHD)


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