June 2005 Part 2

Wednesday, June 08


Do not be afraid when people do not believe the things you say.Do not fear when they mock you or turn their backs on you. To live in integrity is to bring honor to God. It doesn’t matter if the world does not understand a thing you say…or worse find you weird. What matters to God is a heart that is set on obedience to His word. There will be times that man is tempted to go against the Will, but God wants him to stand up for righteousness.

To become righteous means to be set apart. Do not be afraid to go against the norm and evil. Courageously step into the light. God is delighted when His people boldly show to the world the difference the Cross makes.

God wants the hearts of His people to be always set on Him.And because of His great love and abundant grace, they are given the strength and means to be people of integrity. He is fair enough to require somthing He knows can be achieved because He made evertyhing possible.

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the walk

Monday, June 06
step off the stage and live

Here’s something for those people who frequently go on stage:

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Thursday, June 02
idle mind

I am now assigned to the 2-10 pm shift(midshift). There has been a lot of changes in the team’s working sked. Starting with the GY(graveyard) boys being transferred to the am shift. As Karen once mentioned in her blog, it’s about time  they live normal lives. It’s been n years since they’ve been asked to work on normal hours(8-5). However, it aint 8-5 in our case…it’s 6 am –3 pm. It’s 3 weeks now that the boys were turned to normal people. (Hihi..or so I think.) I’ve been going to the office at 6 am for 2 weeks and a week on the graveyard shift. It was my first time to become an owl worker. It was fine with me. I saved a lot of money coz I was staying at my sister’s house. Since she’s on the graveyard too and her office is just a stone’s throw away from my building, I opted to stay at her place and go the office with her.  I also spent three mornings with Stripe. I would call every rendezvous with him during that week ‘lunch out in the morning’. It was the same week that his band would have gig every night…er morning. He would drop by my office for 3 mornings before he’d go home. Nice. Thank God for McDonald’s and Maria.  But what I hated most was what I call ‘pimple proliferation’. Huge zits popped out. I so hated it because even my wonder concealer can’t hide ‘em.  I had to wait for one week before that enormous pimple on the left side of my nose subsided. Yeah, subside has to be the word. And now I’m pimple free. Yey.
Here I am..bloody blogging coz there isn’t any decent internet connection. The company has been using dial-up connection. Hahaha! Just kidding… J There is a computer available but I can’t work. I’’m writing this on Word and would upload this later when I transfer to my workstation.   I hate waiting for the other people to end their shift. Knowing my teammates, they wouldn’t stop working even if the clock screams at them. I hate being idle. It gets boring and boring every minute. Haaay.

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Wednesday, June 01

i should come more often to the 13needles’ gigs and show my support to the boys. and if  i do that , i’d get to meet the other great bands they are friends with. and gasp! be friends with them too. i’m getting tired of hearing stripe say , ‘he’s my friend’..’this band’s vocalist is my friend’..’that band’s drummer is my classmate’..and so on…and so forth…’ ..and man, i should be hanging out with the other misis(es)..sigh..if only i could… my interaction with them is limited to text messages and ym..and reading their blogs …bad bad bad…the misis club should be strengthened…hihi..

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