Tuesday, May 31

Tuesday, May 31

9:24 am

I feel so alone even when I know I’m in a place where joy is always present. It must be the hormones again. It must be the weather. It must be my body’s temperature. Or maybe it’s just my forgetful mind telling me to drown into nothingness and false solitude.

The enemy lurks. You know when he’s hitting on you. Attacking the one called ‘warrior’. I feel when he’s near. I try to show him in ways unimaginable and unfathomable by mere mortal.

I see them. I look at the people who seem lost and empty with sympathy. A lot like—me. Sometimes. But the answer to all these lies in knowing that I’ve been called once and forever into a wonderful kingdom.

Yes. I’ve been, I am, and forever I will be.

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