Me On Ice

The last time I stepped on ice was more than 2 years ago with Sharm and Karen. I don’t remember much of that last two hours. All I could remember was I was perspiring despite the coolness inside the rink.

Last time I checked, my unused ice skating shoes were dirty. How I wish I can wear ’em again and glide on ice.

I’ve just seen Stars on Ice on TV and felt envious of the contestants. When Megamall first opened the skating rink for public use, I remember bugging my parents to enrol me in skating lessons. But it was too expensive then, so i just accepted the fact that I can’t and convinced myself that I can never be like them pretty girls and boys on ice.

But what do you know…I took lessons when I entered college. Haha! Good thing Megamall Ice Skating Rink opened its doors to UP students. Yes…I took ICE SKATING as my PE. I took two levels. For 2 sems, I was enjoying my time in ice every week. Once…even thrice a week. And sometimes, I’d be on ice for 5 straight hours!

I have my own ice skating shoes.I still have the pair with me. I once thought of selling them when I was broke but I didn’t for sentimental reasons. It was mine and I don’t want anyone beside me to use it…(damot no?).

And believe it or not, if only I accepted one of the coaches’ offer to join the Women’s Hockey team..I’d be one tough hockey player by now..just like Sharm. Teehee. I forgot the name of the coach, but he approached me casually if I wanted to join. It was only then that the skating  management was forming a women’s team and he noticed me. Was I that good? I don’t know. Maybe he saw how much time I spent there, with the shoes and all..or maybe the fact that I’ve been spending much time and money there. So what happened? I didn’t join because of the expenses. Training was free but I had to buy my own gears. Imagine that? New pair of hockey shoes? The sticks? Helmet…etc. I knew then that we couldn’t afford that. Haha. But if we could…maybe just maybe….

I miss my time on ice. I don’t know how much 2 hours on ice would now cost me. I’d like to try the rink on MOA. I’ve been asking Josh to try it with me but he doesn’t want to. I asked my brother but he doesn’t want to go with me. Pffft.

I don”t know when’ll be the next time I’d feel the cool wind on my face…glide…then fall. Do the turns…and the super low jumps I can do. I don’t even remember how to do them. I’s only when I step on ice that I’d be able to remember what I know.

So..sino gusto sumama sa kin? 😛

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