My name is: reah

My name is: reah

I may seem: quiet and mahinhin

But I’m really: a perfect definition of an antipode sabi nga ni bj:direct opposites – quiet and loud, mahinhin na adventurous, nice but so bad

Sometimes I feel: that I am not chosen

In the morning I: wake up, dress up, go to the office, and try to look for things to do there..hehe..

I like to sleep: a lot

Money is: what I need right now

One thing I wish I had is: flat abs..smaller face..bigger eyes..

One thing I have that I wish I didn’t is: my scar on my back..

All I need is: God

Love: is what is happening to me right now

First best friend: Karen morales

First real date: er…date ba yun?!

First real kiss: wala

First self purchased album: a backstreet boys cassette tape..yuck!!

First funeral: my lola oreng’s..i was grade two then

First pets: of my own—si kim..pusa
First piercing/tattoo: on the day I was born rin..i think..

First true love: ano tanong mo?

First enemy: my brutha I think

First musician you remember hearing in your house: si Psalty..hehe..

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