On Writing and SEO

NOTE : Crosspost from Reah.info as I have to reinstall my wordpress.
DATE : June 25, 2007

Last week, I was having a hard time writing articles because the keywords are about loans and mortgages. Heck. What do I know about them? I’ve read tons of pages already but I couldn’t understand them. But I finished all 20 articles…in 2 days. I wonder if the client would approve of them. Haha.

And today, I’m writing about furniture and bedrooms. Again! Last year, I swore that I’ll never write about them again because I just got tired of them. Imagine, I had to write 20 articles about different types of furniture a day for a freelance project. Eeek! And now…here I am again, trying so hard to produce anything sensible. Sigh.

Now I wonder if I still want to pursue SEO. Haha. Of course! Problem is, I just have to do it on my own. Sheeesh.

29 articles…2 down…27 more to go. Heeelp!:p

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