Ready for Rain

It’s rainy season alright but it always feels like summer. Such is the weather here in Manila. I’ve always loved the rain because it rained during our wedding. Haha! Since then, I see rain as a symbol of blessing. When we found out we were pregnant for the first time, it was raining. During my dad’s funeral, it also rained.

This year, I am particularly excited for this season because I got myself pairs of boots. Plural. I wasn’t satisfied with one so I got another pair earlier this month.

Here is my first pair:

Havaianas Always Summer Print Rain boots
Havaianas Always Summer Print Rain Boots, 55.00€


The Havaianas website lists this pair at 55 euros, which is about $72 or P3,148 but I got this for only P1,200 on Sulit. It was listed at P2,500 but since it was posted since November and nobody was buying, I figured the seller could give me a lower price. When it comes to online shopping on eBay and Sulit, it won’t hurt to “haggle”. I asked for his lowest price and he replied “1,2K”. I guess he just wanted to dispose the pair. It was his “pasalubong” to his wife from Europe but obviously, the wife didn’t want it. As for the size, it was perfect for me. Very good deal! 

I’ve been dying to wear this so I would jump for joy whenever it’s raining. I remember this conversation between me and my husband:

R: It’s raining! May papabili ka?
J: Umuulan ano ka ba. Ok ka lang?
R: But I want to wear my rain boots!

I finally got to wear my pair two weeks ago when it rained. I had to go to the grocery and bring something to my lola so I happily slipped into the boots and went out.

havaianas rainboots manila.jpg
Ready for Rain

I think I looked cool. Haha! Talagang ‘cool’ kasi malamig that time but I still opted to wear shorts. Ginaw! But my verdict: mainit, mabigat ,at mahirap maglakad. LOL!

I expected the stares because despite the rainy weather in Manila, it’s not common for people to wear rain boots except when it’s really flooded. When my uncle saw me. “Oh may baha ba sa inyo?”. Wala pero umuulan. I was chuckling at myself. Expect the unexpected. Hahaha!

I cannot wait to wear my rain boots again. This Havaianas or my new Pluey’s….

plueys Oooh La Lace rain boots

So pretty! It’s the Oooh La Lace by Plueys. Listed at Php2,399 but got this pair for only P839.65. Such a steal? How come? One Sunday morning I received an e-newsletter from ReadyforRain saying there everything was on sale with a 50% discount including those in the Red Tag category (with minor defects). The only size listed for this design was 42. Too big? Naaah, just perfect for me. I really like it when there are inventory sales because the smallest and the biggest sizes are usually the ones with big discounts. More for a big girl like me.

I also got Noah his own Plueys:


blue jeans rainboots plueys manila
Blue Jeans Rainboots for Kids by Plueys

I bought him a Size 32 for only Php420.00, down from P1,200!

I was tempted to buy a raincoat but I controlled myself.

Quarter to Nine raincoat for women
Stylish raincoat!

I don’t go to the office. The only time I could “dress up” was during weekends. But since I’ll be bringing my son to school everyday, might as well take this opportunity to raid my closet and wear my frequently used clothes. I still have my jackets and coats I used when I was still in the corporate world but I couldn’t have them get wet. This raincoat would be perfect. I think I’ll look for a cheaper one or maybe wait for another sale.

Husband says, and I agree with him, that I have no right to shop for new stuff because most of the stuff in our room are mine. Darn. He would always tell me, “We need to save. Because the rain is gonna come.” No, he wasn’t talking about the condensed and precipitated water (nerd). He was referring to the hard times.

Life isn’t always sweet. Even if you are blessed by God financially, we need to be good stewards of the resources he blessed us with. We are not exactly a good role model for saving up but we’re learning. We’re praying 2013 will be our Year of Financial Freedom. By God’s grace.

If there’s one thing I learned the past three decades that I lived, a decade of being an adult, and five years of being married to my husband– is that God always provides. God takes care of me and my family. He is always on time. If He gives us extra, it means that He would be sending some sort of trial or that He would bring people in need our way.

I’ve lost count of how many times God has made us ready for rain. I may be excited about my rainboots and coats but I am more excited to the kind of “rain” that God would bring. Why, because those times will cause me to yearn for Him more. I’m not saying I’m waiting for challenges to happen. I just see more opportunity to come before my God.

Preparing for God to move my heart.

They do not say from the heart,
‘Let us live in awe of the Lord our God, for he gives us rain each spring and fall, assuring us of a harvest when the time is right.’ 

Jeremiah 5:24


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