I’m a bum…again!!! My contract was finished last May 31…I must say that I had a great time there. The people were so great. I made lots of friends. My last week had been the hardest for me. I kept on remembering my first day there..was so quiet and shy(yeah right!) but after a few days..was already joking with them. My officemates like me very much (or so I think). I’ve made real good friends with some of them and I know it’ll stay that way forever. J They even had a despedida for me. My last day fell on a Monday but the Friday before that, they brought me to SoundStage. Funny but very touching, everyone chipped in some money so we could celebrate. Too bad, some of my real close friends weren’t able to come because they’re sick. Anyway, I had fun that night. Even if I was sitting the whole time. Hehe. I mean, I don’t really dance. Really I don’t. On my last day, I did nothing but just spent time with them, I even wrote each of them a note and posted them on their table. Some were funny..wala lang..but my message for each basically says it all. Ü Nuff said.

The night of my last day in the office, went out with Joan and her husband to watch Shrek2 which was really hilarious. Joan became my closest in the office. Even if she’s married and a couple of years older than my sis(peace Jo!:p), we easily got along very well. Haven’t seen her since May but one of these days, we will. She understands me so well. We have this special bonding that is so different and yet so like with my sister. She said she might be pregnant. Oh great!Told her I wanna be ninang..hehehe!

Same night, I met up with my bestfriend. Finally!!! I was amazed when we were finally together. It’s been weeks since she arrived from the States but it was only then that we got to hang out. She slept over at my place then we went out with some of our friends. I enjoyed my time at EK because S was there. Of course, we had to use his car. hehehe. (joke lang!) Nuff said.

My bestfriend went back to the US last Thursday. I didn’t come to the airport coz it was too early in the morning and I didn’t want more drama. We were in Megamall the other day and she was crying right then and there. I was great in hiding my emotions. I didn’t cry even if I wanted to. And when I hugged her, she asked me to give her a real good and sincere hug because it felt so NOT. Haha! Told her I just don’t want to be so close to her coz I know I’d break down and cry. Love you Cece! Hope you like the bracelet and slippers I gave you and the shirt S gave you. :p

I had one of the most memorable fights with S. Good thing it happened. We realized some things that we know God wants us to realize together. It was all good because I know it was really Him. Thank you Lord for being just so good! I love you!

My cousins Etoy and Juju went home to Bicutan already. It was really hard for me so on the day they were leaving, I just kept myself busy. I was supposed to bid them goodbye but I just couldn’t do it. I had to let it out. Imagine..i didn’t have my room all to myself for more than 8 months but it was all so good because I had company. I had kids to play with before and after I sleep. Haaay..i miss them. I miss the ate I was with them. Awwwwww. Nuff said.

I’ve been staying at my sister’s place since Monday. Been spending a lot of time with my nephew Nav. He’s so adorable!!! I cant wait to have my one. Hehehe. I’ve been watching Ate and Kuya Chad for the past few days and I must say they’re pretty good as parents and as spouse to one another. I couldn’t help but imagine myself as a wife and a mother. It’ll be ? years from now but I’m excited. (uh oh..i can see my comment box flooding now…) I’m not getting married anytime soon for I don’t have a boyfriend yet(yes!wala!). I still have to wait for God’s perfect timing. I have a lot to learn not only in relationships but life in general. I know God is with me as I wait and as I hope. But fyi, I want to tell you guys honestly that I’m ½ of a special friendship. You might wonder or you might tell me a lot of things but I know where ‘we stand’. I think I’m a little too honest because I know in my heart that God is leading me to happiness. Nuff said.

I’m jobless. Currently looking for one. Was interviewed by a multi-national company in Ortigas. I’m not expecting to get the job. Was actually surprised that they called me in since they required someone with atleast 5 yrs experience. My resume says I have limited experience but they called me. Pray for me guys. I want this job and I know I’ll love it. Pray that God would grant me the favor. If not, I know He will provide a better one.

Nuff said. I’ve said a lot. Today’s entry was basically a summary of what has happened to me for the last month or so. My previous entries were kinda dramatic and spiritual but they’re mine. The things I learned and realize I will always post here. I’ve got tons of ‘em. So don’t get bored reading my stuff. Ciao!

Oh wait! There’s one thing i’ve learned about myself…I’M A REAL DRAMA QUEEN. wahahaha!

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